10 Coolest Fish For A 55-Gallon Tank And Caring Tips

You have bought a 55-gallon fish tank. How to turn it into your house’s focal point? The simplest way is to add some charming fish and aquatic plants.

Since there are many options, we will recommend the coolest fish for a 55-gallon tank. Let’s check them all and find your favorite!

Coolest Fish For A 55 Gallon Tank

We have compiled ten creatures that will transform your tank. All of them are omnivorous, so you won’t have to worry about their diets.

1. Goldfish

  • Origin: East Asia
  • Appearance: orange (mostly), gray, red, yellow, black, white
  • Water temperature: 65°F – 72°F
  • pH level: 7.2 – 7.6

Goldfish have evolved to generate a wide variety of sizes and colors. Even when you only raise goldfish, your aquarium can be colorful.

These creatures can readily adapt to new habitats and are widely available at low costs in pet stores. Their vibrant and dazzling hues make them perfect for your 55-gallon aquarium.

2. Clownfish

  • Origin: Australia and Southeast Asia
  • Appearance: orange with white stripes
  • Water temperature: 74°F – 79°F
  • pH level: 8.0 – 8.4

It’s an exciting experience to have a “Nemo” right in your house. Aside from looking adorable, this species is also easy to care for and has a simple diet.

These animals prefer to live around other freshwater fish. They can quickly adapt to huge groups or smaller tanks.


Clownfish is easy to care for

3. Angelfish

  • Origin: South America
  • Appearance: Silver
  • Water temperature: 78°F – 84°F
  • pH level: 6.8 – 7.8

The attractive appearance, gentle personality, and ease of care make these species appealing to aquarists.

Because of the wing-like fins, we call them “angelfish“. Their charm in look has earned them the title of “King of the Aquarium”.

4. Cichlid

  • Origin: America, Asia, and Africa
  • Appearance: Vivid with multiple color patterns
  • Water temperature: 75°F – 85°F
  • pH level: 8.0 – 8.2

The cichlid is a bright species that can sometimes be aggressive and difficult to care for. However, they’re pretty popular among fish lovers because of their beautiful appearance.

5. Gourami

  • Origin: Asia
  • Appearance: Blue with white splotches
  • Water temperature: 75°F – 80°F
  • pH level: 6.8 – 7.7

Gourami can breathe at the water’s surface thanks to a labyrinth structure that works as a lung. This feature makes it unique.

Because male gouramis are pretty aggressive, keeping them in separate containers is advisable. Female gouramis, on the other hand, may cohabit with each other in the same place.


Male and female gouramis are different

6. Tetras

  • Origin: Africa and America
  • Appearance: Blue, red, yellow, and green
  • Water temperature: 70°F – 80°F
  • pH level: 6.8 – 7.8

You can easily distinguish tetras from other tiny freshwater species by a small fin between the caudal and dorsal fins.

Tetras like to live in groups, whether they are of the same species. They may become depressed and adopt an unhealthy lifestyle if they live alone.

7. Barbs

  • Origin: Europe, Africa, and Asia
  • Appearance: depending on the type
  • Water temperature: 73°F – 81°F
  • pH level: 6.8 – 7.8

Barbs are energetic, strong swimmers that are also hardy.

If you want to raise these creatures, remember to add at least five other creatures in the same containers because they like to live in groups.

However, choosing tankmates for this species is not an easy task. Barbs may bully long-finned fish, so keep them apart from each other.

8. Rainbowfish

  • Origin: Australia, some parts of Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia
  • Appearance: silver and blue/yellow
  • Water temperature: 74°F – 78°F
  • pH level: 7 – 8

Rainbowfish can live in small water bodies, such as lakes, swamps, rivers, and streams. You can find them in different sizes and colors.

These creatures are vigorous swimmers. Hence, raise them in a container of at least 50 gallons to let them swim freely and comfortably.


Rainbowfish are active swimmers

9. Oscar fish

  • Origin: South America
  • Appearance: dark green or brown with splotches
  • Water temperature: 74°F – 81°F
  • pH level: 6 – 8

These creatures come in a wide range of colors and sizes.

They can grow to be pretty huge in a short time. It takes about one month for them to reach full maturity.

If properly cared for, the Oscars can live up to 20 years. They like to swim in the middle levels of the aquarium and only rise to the surface for food.

10. Pufferfish

  • Origin: tropical Africa and Asia
  • Appearance: gray, blue, yellow, white, and brown
  • Water temperature: 74°F – 78°F
  • pH level: 7.0 – 7.6

This chubby species may be challenging to care for, but the result will be satisfying. Some of them may have lethal venom, but don’t panic; they won’t hurt you.

Aquarium Supplies For A 55 Gallon One

You need to provide your fish with the best tank conditions to thrive. Most installations are optional, but you can’t miss the three factors:


Lighting requirements vary from species to species.

Both your pets and live aquatic plants need lights to survive. Hence, do some research to offer your aquarium the best illumination intensity and wavelengths.


The filter is the most critical feature. It works to offer biological and mechanical filtration, purifying your pet’s habitat.

Filters come in different types, such as HOB or sponge.

No matter which option you choose, do not put many creatures in the same container. Otherwise, even a good filtering system will break.

You can learn some tips for choosing the right filter from this video:



Water temperature is essential for your pet, and the heater helps you control it easier. Just make sure the heater you buy can handle a 55-gallon tank.

Try to set an ideal temperature range for your pets. However, if your weather is warm enough or your pets like cold water, you won’t need to install any heater.


No matter which species you choose, you’d better check for their requirements in food and water conditions. They can look much better thanks to your care.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. Now, it’s time to go and get the most adorable pets!