All You Need to Know About Anubias Light Requirements

Anubias is a semi-aquatic plant species. It can withstand various conditions, African cichlids, plant-eating fish, and newcomers.

Many people think that keeping aquatic plants alive is difficult. But the good news is that’s not the case with Anubias.

Anubias are known to be beginner friendly because they are relatively easy to care for. However, for these aquatic plants to thrive, you will need to meet a few requirements, including light requirements.

Today, let’s take a moment to discuss the Anubias light requirements.

Anubias Light Requirements

growing anubias

Anubias usually need approximately 8 to 9 hours of light per day

How Much Light Does Your Anubias Need?

The amount of light required by your Anubias may vary depending on the size of your tank. We recommend aiming for somewhere between 1.5 and 3 watts per gallon.

Regardless of your tank’s size, Anubias can grow and blossom into aquatic plants, provided they get well treated.

If you want to raise your Anubias with rhizomes in a fish tank, it is essential to ensure that the rhizome gets adequate light.

It means avoiding covering it. Instead, you can let part of it be exposed to light to grow nicely.

The right amount of light to accommodate your Anubias also depends significantly on the variety you raise in your aquarium.

Anubias come in various types, and each kind has its own particular requirements for lighting.

Generally, low to medium light output is reasonable for most Anubias. They also don’t ask to be exposed to light all day.

Does Anubias Need Bright Light?

Anubias don’t require bright light to grow and thrive. Although these aquatic plants might grow slower in low light, they’ll still grow and live well.

Low light is often the ideal condition for Anubias to prosper inside the fish tank.

Bright light can allow these aquatic plants to grow faster (negligible), but it is unnecessary.

It is alright to leave these plants naturally growing slowly, and you should practice patience while waiting for young Anubias to blossom within the aquarium.

That said, you should not expose your Anubias directly to sunlight. They will be okay with indirect sunlight instead.

Bright light can significantly affect your tank water’s temperature, while these plants can be picky about water temperature. They favor warm water.

So the bright light concentrated in the aquarium can make your aquarium water warmer than expected.

Some people decide to brighten the lights to make their growth quicker. But we don’t recommend it, especially as the first step.

Instead, you should test the temperature and pH of the water first and ensure the rhizome is exposed enough.

If you notice new leaves are growing, even fighting, these aquatic plants are still fine.

Can Anubias Grow Without Light?

Some Anubias can grow without contact with direct light. Instead, these plants can get some form of light as the natural light gets into your house.

The reason is that Anubias are very malleable regarding their survival conditions.

Also, it would be better for Anubias to be exposed to little light instead of too much of it.

Anubias will need moments without light to grow properly. That is why many aquarists put their Anubias around a plant that delivers occasional shade.

In addition, light requirements can also vary among Anubias species.

For example, Anubias Gracilis and Anubias Barteri need some light to grow properly. Meanwhile, other Anubias species, such as Anubias Nana and Anubias Coffeefolia, only require a little light.

So knowing well about the Anubias you are raising in the aquarium is essential to know how to care for them.

Before you grow your Anubias without light, be sure that the fish and other plants in your tank will also thrive in the absence of light.

Do Anubias Like Light?

Some Anubias species can grow without dedicated light, but they like to have a bit of light during the day.

Some species cannot thrive well without getting at least a low amount of light.

Other species will be okay without getting very much light, provided they gain enough nutrients in the water source to keep them healthy.

If you get LED lights that let you adjust brightness, they will be the ideal choice.

They will work great to keep your Anubias healthy, and they’re also ideal for most aquarium plants and fish that you may have in your aquarium.

Will Anubias Die in Bright Light?

Your Anubias can die due to too bright and constant light. Also, bright light can encourage Anubias to rise faster, leading to these plants building algae growth.

In addition to being dangerous for Anubias, it is also dangerous for your fish in the aquarium.

Depending on where you grow your Anubias within the aquarium, these plants can get burned from too bright light.

It is a significant concern if you leave Anubias to float or not plant them on the bottom surface of your aquarium.


Which Tank Mates Are Right For Anubias?

Referring to tankmates, Anubias plants are very forgiving. Anubias work with any fish and invertebrate.

What Is the Ideal Tank Size for Anubias?

Although the Anubias are small plants, they require a minimum tank size of 10 gallons. We recommend preparing a 20-gallon tank for the best results.

How Many Hours of Light Does My Anubias Need?

Anubias are low-light plants. So they need approximately 8 to 9 hours of light per day.

What Is the Ideal Temperature for Anubias?

The reasonable temperature for Anubias is approximately 22°C to 28°C (72°F to 82°F).

Can Anubias Grow in Cold Water?

Anubias plants can grow in cold water, but they need nutrients and lower-temperature light.


Light is one of the critical factors that help Anubias grow. These plants don’t require a lot of light. Generally, most light types will be alright for Anubias, provided you do not turn them up super high.

We recommend leaving your Anubias to continue low to medium level light for six to eight hours each day as it is more than enough for their healthy growth.

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