Are Dwarf Gouramis Aggressive? The Correct Answer Is Here!

These freshwater fishes are beautiful. Therefore, it is unsurprising that many people want to have them in their home aquariums.

These fishes are available in a wide range of sizes, from dwarf to large, and come in wide varieties for you to choose from.

Before you go to a store to buy gouramis for your new fish tank, it is necessary to learn a bit about them to ensure that they will be a good fit for the fish tank.

If you plan to put them in your community fish tank, you may wonder, “are dwarf gouramis aggressive?” It will allow you to ensure that you own a safe community aquarium. So let’s read on!

Are Dwarf Gouramis Aggressive?

Are gouramis aggressive?

Gouramis aren’t aggressive fish, but males may become aggressive when they feel threatened, trying to defend their territory and fight for females.

In most cases, Gouramis are not very aggressive. The fact is that the most popular kinds of Gouramis are peaceful.

That is why many people keep this fish as ornamental in their fish tanks. The fact is that they will get along with other types of fish most of the time.

Of course, these fish can also become aggressive in some cases and bother other fish in your tank. The aggression levels of Gourami may depend on what species you are raising.

Male Gourami tends to be far more aggressive than females. On the flip side, female gouramis tend to be more peaceful than males.

They’re only aggressive if they feel threatened by other fishes that look similar in size and shape.

Do Dwarf Gouramis Get Along With Each Other?


Gouramis can get along with each other

Sometimes, gouramis can be aggressive towards each other. This situation is typical for males as they compete for the territory and attention of females.

It makes males want to be aggressive to each other, while females tend to get along with each other.

Also, there’s nothing wrong with Gouramis of different types typically aggressive with each other.

As a result, we recommend not leaving two different species of Gouramis in the same fish tank.

You should put two species of gouramis in a large tank with many decorations.

Then one set of gouramis will occupy one side of your tank, while the opposite will belong to the other. That way, they will live together peacefully!

We want you to not keep more than one species of gouramis in the aquarium; it is not worth the risk. You don’t want your fish to get injured, right?

Gouramis will occasionally bite other fish, which is usually harmless. These fishes may eat species that are small enough to match their mouths.

It is wise to put your Gouramis in a tank with compatible fish. You must carefully consider the size of fish you want to leave in your community tank.

What Causes Aggression In Your Gouramis?

What causes aggression in Gouramis?

In most cases, this species will not fight with others for no reason, as it is typically a defense mechanism. It is hardly the case for a larger tank where there are no more males than females.

The following are potential reasons your Gouramis may become aggressive and fight with others.


Males may fight over females for mating, which is one of the leading causes of aggressive behavior in this species. During this time, the males try to demonstrate their strength to the female to gain the right to mate.

The only way to mitigate this is to reduce the number of males to ensure more females are in the tank. So, the males will not need to fight for the right to mate.


Are dwarf gouramis territoria?

Yes, Gouramis’ aggressive behavior can also be attributed to territorial defense as they can be highly protective of the area they call home. They can become aggressive towards other fish that get too close to their territory.


Aggressive gouramis will quickly swim around to eat as much food as possible and even steal food out of other fish’s mouths. It is also one of the leading causes of aggressive fights.

How Do You Make a Dwarf Gourami Less Aggressive?

You can consider the following tips to prevent Gouramis aggression:

Let Them Fight!

Fishes sometimes need to understand their rank in an aquarium to calm down. It means sometimes you should let them fight.

You may be upset to see some of your fish distressed. Yet, your fish calm down after a few days once they have had the chance to assert their dominance.

Remove the Most Aggressive Gourami

It is okay to remove the most aggressive gourami. However, you should give it time and see if this behavior continues before doing that.

Otherwise, adding a large fish in the tank is okay to let your little Gouramis know “Who is boss.” Then, they can get along with each other as they realize that the larger fish in the tank do not want to be disturbed by their aggression.


Decorations will add more hiding areas to relax and rest. These areas turn into active territories for feeding or spawning. We recommend keeping decorations apart, allowing your Gouramis to settle into them.


There is no denying that plants can provide shade and more oxygenation.

Also, they can serve as hiding spaces. It is okay to include floating plants for gouramis who prefer to swim more at the top level of the aquarium.


Overall, Gouramis are a great choice to keep in your aquarium since they have a calm temperament in most cases. Moreover, they are stunning and brilliant fish.

Gouramis sometimes become aggressive due to their defense mechanism or reproductive instinct. But that is rare and not serious. Thank you for reading!