Betta Curved Spine: The Causes Behind And How To Deal

There is a widespread belief that betta fish are as sturdy as they look. In fact, they are vulnerable to ailments and diseases, despite their vibrantly and lovely colored fins. Among them, many betta owners find that betta with curved spine is truly a common occurrence.

The condition of curved spines isn’t an illness; it’s a symptom of tuberculosis. Once you get to know some signs of your pet, it is quite late to cure your betta. This stems from the symptoms of the disease, often not conspicuous enough for months.

To understand your favorite ornamental fish deeply, don’t hesitate to dig into the post sharing our experience about roots, treatment, and some things to do to prevent the matter for your pet.

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Why Does My Betta Have A Curved Back?


Immunity is a vital factor not only in human bodies but also in fish. Poor immune systems would trigger tuberculosis for your betta fish, which eventually results in a curved spine.

Betta fish might evolve a bad immune system if they have a strain. Thus, raising your betta with greatly compatible tank mates is essential. Any incompatible companions would let betta fish stay under a lot of stress, leading to its poor immunity. This would eventually make its spine more bent.

Hence, attempt to avoid factors that would worsen your fish’s immunity and nourish them correctly with adequate food.

Water Standards

Keeping the proper water standard is crucial for betta fish. If the water quality is not clean, you could witness your pet suffering from tuberculosis. In addition, the water standard might depreciate when you keep various kinds of fish.

Keeping your pet tank with many fish might result in a certain bioload that the filter couldn’t be able to handle enough. Thus, attempt to leave ample space for betta fish. In this case, you should choose at least a five-gallon tank. Also, determine how much fish accordingly.

Maintaining your tank at a constant pH degree and letting this under the upper limit that your fish can handle is significant. The continuous changes in the pH level might make your betta fish’s spine more bent.


The pet diet must be exceptionally controlled. Upon digesting the raw food with Mycobacterial infection (tuberculosis), a betta fish could encounter the rare condition and risk its life.

The topic of keeping the betta diet safe still exists on many forums regarding taking care of ornamental fish. Still, this factor is something beyond our control – the fish owners.

If a betta eats some other kinds of fish in the infected aquarium, it might also lead to the betta fish suffering from curvature of the spine. Thus, choosing reliable food producers and not economical local ones becomes crucial. Delivering a healthy and balanced diet is the most reasonable way you might think of to prevent your pet from having a curved spine.

How To Treat Betta Fish Curved Spine?

As shared above, treatment methods available are to no avail because by the time owners find out about the symptom, those bettas have got a small chance of surviving. In addition, there are just a few treatments even when betta curved spine or tuberculosis had been detected early.

A typical betta pet owner could attempt adding some antibiotics to the aquarium. This step might indeed increase some chances of surviving a bit. Indeed, it’s worth giving it a try because you should catch all chances, even small ones to secure your guppies.

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Some people recommend a rise in temperature or dropping in the tank some salt could help in this treatment process. Nevertheless, these are truly all just a secret.

If anything is wrong, you end up ruining the treatment and exacerbating the situation. When this comes, Mycobacterium Marinum grows larger on the increasing temperature indicating some negative things on the horizon.

All we should do is keep in mind that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, which lets you give a healthy environment to your pet and avoid such mishaps.

What Can You Do To Prevent Betta Fish Curved Spine?

Before adding more new fish to your tank, you need to use a bleaching agent to sterilize your aquarium. This can prevent some potential roots from causing tuberculosis for your betta pet.

Furthermore, you should avoid these issues by keeping the standard of water as well as maintaining a less overcrowding ecosystem in the tank. Regularly change the water in your tank (around every few days) to ward it off some parasite infections.

Many aquarist experts recommend that you choose saltwater to handle your freshwater fish. It is a good option to stimulate any pathogen tolerance. Also, inspect your fish regularly. Some symptoms and signs might appear sooner, and you can have a proper method to cure your pet better.

To sum up, it is better to use medicines at the outset than at the last moment. So following some crucial habits to eliminate the root will be essential to prevent the sickness. Here is a wrap-up:

  • You change the tank water regularly and keep the proper water quality
  • Avoid overcrowding and overstocking in your tank
  • Offer them a healthy diet with the right nutrients
  • Quarantine your new-coming betta for around one month
  • Purchase betta from reliable sources
  • Observe and follow your fish frequently and check any symptoms of diseases
  • Equipment utilized for the pet and tank is rinsed and sterile in a bleaching method for some time.

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The Key Takeaways

So, we have just walked through some key sections about the betta curved spine – the query you felt curious about earlier. We can conclude that this sickness is associated with TB. As such, betta fish owners need to observe their pets more closely and follow some above recommendations to give their favorite guppies a healthy habitat to live in full of vigor.

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