Can You Keep A Betta In A Vase & How To Do It Correctly?

Yes, you could care for a Betta even if it is kept in a vase as long as the vase can carry at least one gallon of water. A Betta should be maintained in a more spacious habitat.

Nevertheless, you can manage one even if it is kept in a vase. To prevent the Betta from escaping, line the bottom of the vase with rocks or marbles, then place a tray on top of the rocks or marbles.

Factors To Consider For Keeping A Betta In A Vase:

Although keeping Betta in a vase looks cool, it can turn into a nightmare if you don’t take good care and pay attention.

So to help you with that, we have prepared a list of factors that will help you keep your Betta in a vase and achieve that aesthetic look you have been dreaming of!

betta in bottle


Betta fish likes warm water. They’ll be good around 74°F, but hotter is preferable.

Try to keep the temperature from 78°F to 80°F. So consider the temperature in your home and whether or not you have to heat the water.

You often hear that light is sufficient to warm the water, which is true to some extent. However, if your Betta lives in a tiny amount of water, the water temperature will vary more quickly than it would in a greater volume of water.

As a result, when the light is in the daytime, the water may be warm enough, but when the light is turned off at night, the water temperature may fall below a safe level for your Betta.

Types of Plants for the Vase

Betta fish do well with several different aquatic plants, including Java ferns and Chinese conifer.

If you are interested in experimenting with the fish bowl with plant on-top technique, peace lilies, and dendrobiums are also fantastic options.

After removing the plant from its container, please place it in a large water-filled bucket. Working carefully, remove all the dirt clinging to the plant’s roots.

aquatic plants

Water Level

Including water and a living plant in a vase containing a betta fish may contribute to the fish’s continued good health and contentment.

A betta fish kept in a vase may be an entertaining and simple addition to any household, provided the water is kept clean, and the plant requires little care and attention.

The water in your vase should be proportional to its overall size. In addition, if you have a betta that likes to swim about in confined areas, you should be sure to choose a vase whose height is proportional to the length of its body.

This will prevent your Betta from becoming suffocated. Betta fish need a large number of hiding spaces.

Thus the aquarium should include an adequate number of these areas. In addition, the vase must be big enough to allow the fish to swim freely inside it without colliding with anything.

When looking for a vase, choose one with a depth of at least 10 inches and enough space for pebbles and plants.

Filtering and Maintenance of the Vase

Betta fish, just like all the other fish species, like to dwell in an environment with a filter.

Suction cups were used to install them to the tank’s side. Filters may be mounted horizontally and vertically.

These filters take up minimal space and may be used in a one, two, or three-gallon vase or fish tank.

They have a slow flow, and Betta does not thrive in fast-moving currents.

Mini filters are accessible at local shops and are reasonably priced. If you do not wish to use a net, you must replace the water in the bowl once a week.

Betta should not be overfed, and water crystals should be removed.

Microorganisms help in the breakdown of surplus generated by fish and residual food. Your fish should have a filter of cleaned water that aids in the formation of miniature ecosystems and microorganisms.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In this section, we will cover some of the most asked questions by aquarium and marine life enthusiasts like you!

Q: How do you look after a betta fish?

To eliminate pollutants and iron from the water, use the appropriate quantity of water conditioner for fish tanks. Warm or room-temperature water is preferred.

Include your betta fish. Allow it to adjust to the water. Feed your fish with a couple of pieces of high-quality betta food.

Q: Is it necessary to feed the Betta in a vase?

The gorgeous display of a vase with a Java fern or butterfly bush plant and brilliant-colored Betta, advertised as an all habitat for both plant and fish, is deceptive.

Sellers will often tell you that you don’t need food or clean your fish or vase, but this is false, and most people lose the fish within several weeks.

Q: Can Betta fish thrive without a filter in a container?

Betta fish are often kept in vases. That implies there will be no filter and no heating. Betta may live in stagnant water bowls, but it does not imply they are healthy.

Q: How long does a betta fish typically survive when kept in a bowl?

The typical lifespan of betta fish is usually between 1 to 1.5 years, depending on how well-maintained the environment is.


So, after considering all of the factors, do we believe you can keep a betta fish in a vase? Yes and no, most likely not.

You shouldn’t because you are making things much too tough for yourself. A smaller vase will have high quantities of harmful nitrogen compounds, but if you can keep up with water changes, you may be able to keep the fish healthy.

If you prefer the look of a vase, your best bet is to go for a really big vase. Things will be much simpler for you if you get one that contains a couple of gallons of water.