Biorb Betta Fish Tank: Everything You Need To Know!

Betta fish are excellent pets with relatively low maintenance costs. It is a brightly colored, fan-tailed fish you often see in small cups at pet stores. 

These little guys display far superior personalities to their relatively small size.

If you are considering keeping a Betta as your pet, explore the Biorb Betta fish tank with the helpful information to give your colorful friend a great place.

Biorb Betta Fish Tank: All You Need To Know

biorb fish tank

Completely different from the usual aquarium, the Biorb Betta aquarium is a miniature independent ecosystem that contains all the factors to develop and maintain the organism’s life. 

The two primary organisms living in a Biorb aquarium betta are betta fish and plants. Although betta fish can grow up with just water, a complete ecological environment will help them to develop and be happier and less sick.

When picking a fish tank, you may have high standards of visual appeal. An aquarium that practically vanishes into the background is the perfect one.

For this reason, my very first priority is the biorb aquarium. This aquarium meets requirements such as a smooth, minimal layout, so it’s a noticeable option for design-loving proprietors.

Besides, this design and style of fish tanks look even more like a developer item than an aquarium. Presently, there are six different Biorb Betta aquarium styles on the market, consisting of 4 dimensions: 15l, 30l, 45l, and 60l.

If it were me, I would select a Biorb Life 30l with an entirely transparent frame because we desire our biorb aquarium to be as discreet as possible.

This version is the ideal size for our little residence. The aquarium with a smooth, minimalistic, streamlined style was specifically what I was trying to find.

What Are the Advantages of Biorb Fish Tank?

Advantages of Biorb Fish Tank

Biorb fish tanks are enjoyed and picked by fish tank lovers since they have several energies, specifically:

Stylish Fish Tank

First, the Biorb betta fish tank is created to enhance your residence. The original of this sort of aquarium is shaped like a Xmas accessory sphere, round and clear with a little flap to secure at the top.

However, Biorb aquariums are designed in various shapes, including square and rectangular, with rounded sides. Their perfectly developed look has made them prominent and enjoyed by aquarists as they are today.

You will certainly see the entire enchanting underwater world of the biorb aquarium, whose trendy style takes the ideology of practical elegance.

I commonly consider it an amplified snowball that instantly boosts any indoor style, as well as its multi-color lighting, making for a gorgeous scene.

Besides, it can create a unique lighting state of mind in your house with as many as 16 shades.

Also, the illumination can be quickly changed utilizing push-button control. The method your biorb betta aquarium is lit produces a unique atmosphere.

Easy to Set Up

After aesthetics, the convenience of the setup of the fish tank is one more essential element that you need to think about carefully. You don’t intend to spend too much time investigating your fish tank arrangement.

Fortunately, this is a good idea regarding the biorb betta aquarium that you can see; it features every little thing you require. So you won’t need to hang out or investigate points like aquarium pumping and purification systems.

Besides, you don’t need to consider what plants to place in the container or the amount and type of aquarium sand you require.

I have never seen anything more straightforward to set up a fish tank like this one. The biorb betta fish tank comes with lights, a water conditioner pack, an airplane, a filter, an air pump, and ceramic products to head to the bottom rather than sand. 

The only things that don’t feature it that you will certainly require to buy are a siphon for water adjustments, fish food as well as fish.

Low Maintenance

A low-maintenance fish tank will conserve time, cash, and effort.

Unfortunately, most of us lead busy lives, so occasionally, you won’t have much time to devote to fish tank maintenance.

So you’ll want something that runs as well as efficiently. Undoubtedly you will certainly have to be prepared to clean the fish tank as usual. But that procedure is as quick as well as easy as feasible is what fish tank lovers have an interest in.

The good news is the biOrb aquarium is relatively simple to tidy. It is generally accompanied by a pump and a biOrb aquarium purification system. 

There is also an air tube in the middle of the tank to give oxygen to the water, thanks to a small stone. The hose pipe connects to the filter with a basic flick and spins. This makes the filter simple to replace.

Besides, the tree decoration that glides on the air tube and aids in camouflaging the filter is likewise genuinely excellent.

According to the manufacturer’s guidelines, you must change the aquarium filter every month.

At the same time, you must also drain the water pipes and change 25% of the water weekly. 

This will certainly guarantee that the biOrb aquarium is constantly in optimum condition.


1. Can You Put Normal Gravel in a Biorb?

According to my experience, you should not put gravel, or small rocks in the biorb Betta aquarium.

2. How Many Fish Can You Put in a Biorb?

How Many Fish Can You Put in a Biorb?

You need to follow the rule of 1 inch of fish per gallon, so it’s up to the size of your tank to decide how many fish you should stock.

3. How Often Should I Clean My Biorb Fish Tank?

It would be best if you cleaned the aquarium regularly every few weeks.

If you find the water is dirty or the water level is not suitable for the fish, you need to change it more often.

4. Why Does My Biorb Keep Going Green?

If your Biorb turns green very quickly, there is a problem with the water in the tank. So you need to treat the water immediately.

5. How Long Before I Can Put Fish in My Biorb?

It would be best if you waited 24 hours after your biorb tank was set up before you could add fish to the tank.


Not only beautiful, but the biorb betta fish tank also helps viewers relax and make the space brighter and more vivid. 

For many people, taking care of the tank daily also gives them a little extra joy. Hopefully, this article can provide helpful information.

Thank you for being so interested!