Can Fish Eat Strawberries? Is It A Healthy Or Harmful Food?

You might know fish can eat fruits because they contain many essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that can help the growth of fish. Yet, not all kinds of fruits are suitable for feeding fish. Especially you must be careful with some with a lot of acids, like strawberries. 

Can fish eat strawberries? Does it harm or pollute your aquarium? Don’t worry. Your answer is right here. Let’s keep reading to the end for useful information and valuable tips.


Can Fish Eat Strawberries?

Yes, they can. Generally speaking, aquarium fish can easily digest strawberries when fed. For the fish, this fruit provides a tasty treat to reward.

Most fish enjoy eating food with various flavors frequently, not because they become tired of the same taste but they require some variety. If it is under treatment for a condition or illness, you can also stimulate eating by offering it various fruits, like strawberries.

Additionally, offering strawberries is the finest approach to de-stress your fish thanks to its appealing brilliant red color, encouraging fish to consume and play with it.

Yet, you must have some tips to feed fish with strawberries safely!

Tips For Feeding Fish With Strawberries

Choose Good-Quality Strawberries

First, you must avoid choosing rotten strawberries. Start by selecting the majority of the good ones from the bunch and inspecting it from all angles.

Fully ripened strawberries often have a much softer texture and degrade quickly, but you can use the healthy parts while discarding the decaying ones. Besides, never pick a little or hard fruit because they are still developing and are challenging to digest.

The color must also be considered when picking since the brilliant red ones have moderate sugars, more water, and lower acid level. The under-ripe fruit has a high acid content, and some of its portions, particularly the top of the stem, appear whitish-green.

Strawberries are exposed to various unsafe contaminants during the growth process, including dirt, sprays, insects, and other undesirable elements. Such substances can only be removed by washing with warm water and vigorously kneading the skin with your hands to eliminate all residues.

Tips For Feeding Fish With Strawberries

Peel The Strawberries

It might be strange when hearing peeling the strawberries because this fruit type has no physical skin or peel on it. Yet peeling can eliminate the seeds for fish to digest easily.

Use a pointed knife to scrape all the seeds off carefully, or simply trim off a little layer of the surface to reveal the seeds along the skin.

Cut Into Smaller Cubes

A full strawberry should be placed on the cutting board before beginning to be cut into cubes with a knife. Cut it in half lengthwise, preferably, and then divide it into at least 4 to 5 cubes from one piece before placing it in the tank.

Since you are unsure whether your fish would eat it, we advise you to start with a small number of cubes. If your pets like the fruit and are prepared to take in more, you can add more by cutting the other half into small cubes.

Hang Strawberry Cubes In The Tank

Throwing the strawberry cubes or slices into your aquarium might not be an effective feeding method. Some fish cannot eat a whole cube at once. 

After the berries sink into the water, they can get stuck in the corners of the tank, making it difficult for fish to reach and eat them. The fruit’s contents and color can easily pollute your aquarium. 

As a result, hanging the fruit in the water instead of tossing it into the aquarium is the better way.

You can attempt doing this by poking holes through the fruit from top to bottom with a wooden toothpick. Additionally, you can pierce the strawberry longitudinally with a sterilized needle and thread.

So the fish will come and eat it, now fasten it from one end and hang it in the water by tying the other end to a plant.

Remember to put them in a limited time. After that, if the fish cannot consume all the strawberries, take them out to prevent water pollution.

couple of fish In The Tank


What Fruit Can You Feed Fish?

You can give your aquarium fish many fruits, such as grapes, apples, bananas, mangoes, pears, strawberries, raspberries, oranges, watermelons, etc. 

Fruits should be a part of a fish’s daily diet thanks to their nutritional value and health advantages. However, you should only feed in a limited quantity. This way, fish can also enjoy eating other food: pellets, live plants, flakes, and vegetables, 

What Should You Not Feed Fish?

You shouldn’t give your fish food containing fat. When buying a diet for fish, be sure to check the fat content. 

If your fish regularly eat beef, chicken scraps, and pork, it might accumulate fat around the fish’s heart. Indeed, the herbivore’s liver and reproductive organs may suffer damage from fat content greater than 3%.

What Should You Not Feed Fish?

Can Koi And Goldfish Eat Strawberries?

Yes, they can.

Most species aren’t familiar with strawberries, particularly those that have never encountered them in the wild. Several species can enjoy it, including:

  • Goldfish can consume the fruit once a week, while bettas should eat it less frequently, depending on their health.
  • Koi likes strawberries, watermelons, lemons, cantaloupe, grapefruits, etc.
  • Other aquarium species that can eat strawberries are gourami, mollies, and Endler.

Can Guppies Eat Strawberries?

Strawberries are safe for guppies to eat in moderation. You can still give your fish this fruit sparingly, even though guppies don’t eat it in the wild. As strawberries are so nutrient-dense, they might even make your guppies healthier.


Can fish eat strawberries? Yes, they can eat a limited amount of this fruit. Remember to ensure the strawberries are fully ripe to give your fish the proper nutrition. 

Moreover, you should know how to properly clean the strawberries and offer them to your swimming friend. This is how you can maximize the health benefits of feeding strawberries to the fish.