Can Ghost Shrimp And Bettas Live Together? The Answer For New Aquarists

One of the best well-liked fish species in home tanks is the betta fish, which is outstanding by its vivid, vibrant colors and dazzling fins.

However, due to their temperament, aquarists often find it hard to select the best tank mate for these fish.

Can Ghost Shrimp and Bettas live together? If you are curious about the detailed answer, let’s scroll down this post to read more!

Can Ghost Shrimp And Bettas Live Together?

The short answer is yes. Betta fish and ghost shrimp can live together. However, it also depends on the fish you keep in your tank.

So, can ghost shrimp hurt bettas? No, your bettas never face a threat from these crustacean animals.

However, Bettas might attack and consume the tiny crustacean animals. They can cause your shrimp to choke, which is the primary danger concern.

If you want to keep these crustacean creatures as affordable food for your fish, it’s not a big problem.

Which Shrimp Can Coexist Peacefully With Bettas?

What kind of shrimp can live with bettas? These seven crustacean creatures may coexist peacefully and successfully with bettas.


They have a more significant size of about 2 inches, making them ideal for betta tanks. Their size prevents them from being a betta’s food.

They feature a translucent or crystal body that is cylindrical and slightly curved.

Do ghost shrimp help clean the tank? Yes! In the aquarium, they generate relatively little waste. They prefer to reside in the tank’s bottom.

They assist in removing algae and fish waste from the aquarium’s bottom.

They may reproduce in the aquarium. Because your bettas may consume them, you must keep the prawn babies safe from your fish.


These creatures are peaceful and calm freshwater species that come in hues.

Providing suitable water quality parameters and settings in the tank will allow them to coexist with a betta.

They can reproduce in the aquarium, but you should be careful at first until both types get along well.

They enjoy spending their days perched on pebbles and eating algae forming, which is suitable for the aquarium and the other creatures.


These creatures have a quiet, serene demeanor and a highly unusual and distinctive appearance.

They have various colors, including reddish-brown, brown, and yellowish-brown, and resemble bamboo.

They escape many predators because of their color and appearance. If your bettas aren’t too aggressive, they get along well.

They act as filters while feeding on food fragments in the tank water.

Bamboo shrimp

Bamboo variant


Because they are peaceful and active at night, these crustacean animals are another superior option for betta aquariums.

While swimming, they look intriguing and don’t bother with the fish. They also function as filtration feeders and eat the tiny food pieces or leftovers in the stream.

Unlike other aquatic crustacean creatures, they aren’t tiny, which keeps them safe. If you want to know more about them, click on this video:


These stunning species have distinguishing red, black, and white stripes on their bodies.

This bright coloration contrasts nicely with the fish’s hues in the aquarium.

Since they only reach a height of 2 inches, you must take extra care to prevent them from becoming a betta’s food.

Additionally, they clean and scavenge the tank.

Bumblebee shrimp

Bumblebee variant

Red Cherry

These animals are among the most tranquil that the betta can have. These have vibrant cherry red coloring, which looks gorgeous in the water.

They search for food in the tank and clear the increasing algae, just like any other crustacean creatures.

Since they only reach an inch in length, they are susceptible to becoming betta snacks.

Since male ones cannot grow even one inch, it is better to introduce a female red cherry to a betta tank.

Red cherry variant


If your fish is not violent, Amano can coexist quietly. They have stripes and spots on their body and are drab, gray tint.

By the time they reach 2.5 inches, your pets will be unable to consume them. By eating trash and algae, they sweep the aquarium without harming the betta.

However, these shrimp’s food-related fighting may make your fish stressed out.

How To Add Ghost Shrimp To A Betta Tank?

Here are some simple guidelines for keeping shrimp and your lovely bettas together in one tank.

Unoccupied Tank Space

Given the betta’s tendency for aggression, it is better to seek a big tank to avoid harming or hurting either species.

Provide enough room in the aquarium for the species to avoid one another if they are not familiar with living together.

Feed The Fish Well

The fish may occasionally consume tiny crustacean animals. Keep your fish well-fed and nurtured at all times.

Provide Shrimp Hiding Places

You must provide lots of hiding places in the tank for the two creatures to live together happily.

Shrimps may hide well among the driftwood, plants such as java moss or fern, ornaments, and decorations.

Add Shrimp First

Betta will attack their new or unfamiliar tank mates. This crustacean species will make fish feel uneasy and kill them if you bring them to the tank after bettas.

Therefore, you should first add shrimp to the tank.

Select Fish Carefully

Select a fish with a low aggression level who has lived with crawfish before. It dramatically reduces issues and confrontations between the two animals.

Final Thoughts

Can ghost shrimp and bettas live together? Generally, the two species can live peacefully if they have nearly the same size.

Moreover, ensure you give both of them ideal conditions so that they can get on well with each other.

Fish will be larger than shrimp, so ensure you always keep them fed to avoid conflicts in the aquarium.

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