A lot of us love peas because they are nutritious, easy to find, and inexpensive.

Peas are also rich in fiber and good plant-based protein. Of course, they are not only beneficial to humans.

Green beans are also a very healthy vegetable for your goldfish. The reason is that they are beneficial in helping digestion, fighting constipation, etc.

Keep reading to answer “Can goldfish eat peas?” and get valuable information.

Can Goldfish Eat Peas?

Can goldfish consume peas?

Can goldfish consume peas?

The short answer is Yes. It is excellent to feed your goldfish with peas, and they will also enjoy this vegetable happily.

This vegetable is a rich source of fiber, which helps to overcome constipation for your goldfish.

In addition, peas also provide a large amount of plant protein, allowing your fish to maintain a healthy weight and feel full longer after each meal.

Why Should You Feed Goldfish Peas?

There are two main reasons why peas are ideal for feeding your goldfish:

  • Green beans will sink when you put them in your aquarium

Whether the fish food sinks or not is essential, especially for goldfish. Peas will be submerged in the water, allowing your goldfish to reach more easily.

As a result, they will not have to search for food at the surface of the water.

  • Green beans are rich in fiber.

Fiber plays a vital role in helping your goldfish minimize constipation and many other problems.

One cup of peas contains about 7 grams of fiber, significantly more than lettuce (1 gram), spinach (0.7 grams), and broccoli (2.4 grams) combined.

How Many Peas Can You Feed to Your Goldfish?

kinds of peas that your goldfish can consume

There are various kinds of peas that your goldfish can consume

There are many kinds of peas that your goldfish can eat. Each kind comes with its nutritional value:

Snow peas: They are also very sweet and also known as sugar peas. They are pretty tiny, so it is significantly easier to break them into many bite-sized pieces.

Garden peas: You may have a hard time finding these peas in the store as they are not common. If you want your goldfish to consume garden peas, you’ll probably have to chop them first.

Snap peas: They are sweet like garden peas but different in size. You will also need to chop your snap peas before feeding your fish.

Frozen peas: You can use frozen peas as a perfect substitute for fresh vegetables. But you must thaw these peas or run them under hot water before giving them to your goldfish.

Canned peas: They are so high in sodium. Yet, we wouldn’t recommend this option unless you’re buying natural canned vegetables without preservatives.

Split peas: You can buy them dried, peeled, and split each pea into two halves.

In general, goldfish are not picky and will care less about what kind of peas you give them. But avoid buying seasoned peas to feed your fish.

The reason is that spices may make goldfish sick and can lead to serious harm. Our favorite is frozen peas because they are easy to store and prepare.

How to Prepare Peas to Feed Your Goldfish?

How to cook peas to feed your goldfish

How to cook peas to feed your goldfish

Uncooked Garden Peas

Step 1: Fill a pot with water before putting your peas in it. Make sure all your peas are submerged in water.

Step 2: Boil your peas for about five to eight minutes, then let them simmer for about two minutes.

Step 3: Don’t put any sauces or spices

Step 4: Cook your peas until soft. Then drain all the water.

Step 5: Let your peas rest for a few minutes to cool down before proceeding.

Step 6: Cut your peas into quarters or halves.

Step 7: Deshell your peas, then gently squeeze them until the inside comes out. Avoid feeding your fish their outer shells.

Step 8: Gently squish your peas using your fingers. After that, drop them into the aquarium. It will instantly sink.

Pre Cooked Peas

Step 1: Ensure your peas do not contain additives, such as sauces or spices.

Step 2: Rinse your peas using cool water.

Step 3: Pour the water into one sieve.

Step 4: Squeeze your peas to remove their dark green shells.

Step 5: Drop the pre-cooked peas into your aquarium.

Frozen Peas

Step 1: Take the frozen container or bag out of your freezer the night before you want to feed your goldfish.

Step 2: After you have defrosted the peas completely, reheat them in the microwave for half an hour.

Step 3: Run your peas under cold water and wait until they cool down.

Step 4: Deshell these peas.

Step 5: Squish your peas inside between your fingers.

Step 6: Drop these peas into the tank for your fish to consume.


Are peas poisonous for fish?

Peas are generally not poisonous to your fish. However, as we mentioned above, you should not feed your fish seasoned peas as they can make your fish sick.

Can I give frozen peas to my goldfish?

You can feed frozen peas to your goldfish. But we recommend thawing these peas or running them under hot water before giving them to your goldfish.

What Kind of Peas Do Goldfish Like?

Generally, goldfish are not picky and typically do not care about what kind of peas you give them.

What Vegetables Can I Feed My Goldfish?

Vegetables and fruit are essential components of goldfish’s diet. They are a great source of nutrients and are low in fat.

There are various types of vegetables and fruits that you can feed your goldfish, including lettuce, broccoli, peas, baby marrow, peeled oranges, and apples.


Can goldfish eat peas? Peas are a healthy and delicious treat for your goldfish.

They offer many health benefits, but you should not treat them as a curative method for dealing with medical conditions.

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