Can Plecostomus And Betta Live In The Same Tank? Click For The Answer

Plecostomus and betta fish are gorgeous species to add to your aquarium, but can they live together? How to take care of them?

If you are a big fan of these fish, we show you the ultimate tips for giving them the best treatment. Let’s check our post and be ready for a stunning aquarium!

Can Plecostomus And Betta Live Together?

Yes. You can raise these two species in the same tank if you provide them with optimal conditions. Thankfully, they have many similar requirements.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages when allowing the two fish to live together.


Plecostomus and betta can make good tank mates because you can balance their living requirements easily. Here are some guidelines to follow:

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Water temperature

These two species demand relatively similar water temperatures.

While betta fish need a range of 76 to 82°F, the best temperature for plecos differs depending on their varieties.

These fish love warm water. Giving them the water temperature of 78 to 79°F is ideal. Otherwise, your pets, especially the betta, will suffer from stress due to too low or too high a temperature.


Both fish like warm water

  • pH level

Betta fish and pleco have equal demands for water pH. Yet, while betta requires a range of 6 to 8, different varieties of plecos demand different pH ranges.

Betta fish can live in an environment that is slightly acidic. But, a pleco needs neutral environments. Your Pleco can become stressed if the pH level gets low.

  • Temperament

Both fish are peaceful and calm. Most of them like remaining to themselves whenever possible. When there are any signs of threats, they become cautious.

Plecos have more observable behaviors to care for. First, they are nocturnal. They must be hiding among the live plants if you don’t see them in your aquarium.

However, these fish are voracious eaters of algae. You can observe them moving around the aquarium’s bottom and sticking to the edges.

  • Diet

Bettas are carnivores and eat mostly meat, while plecostomus food is mainly vegetables because they are herbivores.

The fish have their restrictions. Yet, if given a chance, they can eat anything.

These fish, though, often refrain from consuming one another’s food. You won’t have to worry about them battling over food or becoming angry at one another.


Pleco size is the biggest headache when considering raising these two species together. Plecos can grow large, demanding you to buy a large tank.

So, how big can plecos become? Depending on the species, you need to offer your pet a different tank size. For example:

  • Bristlenose pleco: 25 gallons
  • Clown pleco: 20 gallons
  • Bulldog pleco: 45 gallons
  • Zebra pleco: 15 gallons
  • Rubber Lip pleco: 75 gallons
  • Pitbull pleco: 20 gallons

Even when some pleco species come in a moderate size, they need a lot of room to swim freely. If you want to add betta fish to their tank, check if all your pets have a comfortable space.

Plecos will grow quite big

Plecos will grow quite big

Which Fish Can Live With Betta?

Betta fish are friendly. If the fish you choose are not aggressive, they can get along well with a betta. Here are some ideas you can try:

  • Catfish: This calm bottom feeder lives naturally in small streams or rivers. Try to get five or more of these companions for your betta because they prefer to live in groups.
  • Tetras: These peaceful little fish come in various hues, including neon and lemon. Add a school of six or more tetras to reduce stress in your betta’s habitat.
  • Rasboras: The colorful Rasboras are calm fish related to danios, barbs, and goldfish. They like to swim with seven or more and don’t grow big.
  • Guppies: Guppies are easy to raise. Due to their calm personalities will make excellent tank mates for your betta as they never start a fight.

This video will give your more ideas:

friendly betta

Betta fish are friendly to live with

Which Fish Can Live With Plecostomus?

Plecostomus are friendly, but their size and hiding habits must be something to bear in mind when choosing their tank mates.

After checking all the features, we come up with this list:

  • Hatchetfish: Although your Pleco rising to the surface for a breath of air can scare a Hatchetfish, they are an excellent match. They share the same preferences for acidic, tropical, acidic water with Plecos.
  • Danios: Danios fish are far smaller than even a baby Plecos. However, their calmness makes their co-inhabitants love them.
  • Pencilfish: Pencilfish are small, schooling fish that consume tiny plankton and invertebrates, unlike Plecos. Hence, they won’t fight for food.

plecostomus in tank

Keep the behaviors of your pets in mind when choosing their tank mates


Can betta live with pleco? Yes, but try to give them the right water conditions and diets. Moreover, because plecos can grow very big, make sure that the tank still has space for each of your pets to move freely.

Looking at these beautiful fish swimming around is fun. Try to give them a friendly habitat so that they can look their best.

You, as a fish keeper, will be even happier!