Do Algae Eaters Eat Fish? The Correct Answer Is Here

With aquariums, algae eaters have a particular role and are chosen by many aquarists. However, not all algae eaters can be chosen. Choose the right algae eaters for your aquarium, suitable for the fish you are keeping.

Aquarium owners will probably be very interested in using algae eaters to clean their aquariums. Do algae eaters eat fish? This article will help you find out!

Do Algae Eaters Eat Fish?

Algae eaters normally will not eat other fish

Normally, algae eaters will not eat other fish, but you need to choose algae eaters that are smaller or similar in size to the fish you keep.

Most algae eaters are peaceful and hang around in the bottom or a particular layer of water to do their job.

Algae eaters devour anything when they find it. Including feces, leftovers, and animal carcasses; sometimes, they even follow the slime of other fish. 

So, do not raise algae eaters with slow-swimming fish, especially goldfish.

Algae eaters fish are suitable for keeping with large fish breeds. It should not be kept with small species of fish, especially guppies. 

Because they have a habit of following to suck the slime on other fish, causing others to stress, tear their fins, or get injured.

Why is Your Algae Eater Not Eating?

Twig Catfish

If your algae eater isn’t eating, you’re more likely screwing up their feeding schedule. They only feed during the night. If you feed them throughout the day, it’s not unusual that they will not eat what you provide.

In other scenarios, it’s possible that your algae eater doesn’t see the food before its thaws or the food you feed doesn’t fit their preference.

It may be a dietary choice if the algae eaters don’t usually consume algae. Various algae eaters sometimes eat different kinds of algae. 

For example, some eat hair algae, but others will consume diatoms and more.

How Often Should You Feed an Algae Eater?

You should feed algae every day, and the quantity depends on the kind of food that you supply. 

In general, many brands recommend feeding your fish two times a day with the amount they can consume in two hours, yet to ensure, inspect the maker’s referrals and follow them.

Once in a while, you can give little fresh vegetables to give you even more fiber and the vitamins you need.

After you feed your algae eaters, observe and see if they gobble it up. If they begin munching on food, they may be too hungry and must be fed regularly.

If algae eaters miss the food, they may need to be fed less frequently. Provide at least one sheet of algae daily.

What Do Algae Eaters Feed On if There Are No Algae?

As I pointed out above, algae eaters require extra food to prosper and survive. 

For that reason, if your storage tank does not have algae, it will not suffice to feed them.

Besides, to meet the feeding requirements of algae eaters, you will undoubtedly have to provide them with algae wafers or spirulina and a suitable amount of veggies that benefit their wellness.

Some algae-eating fish foods contain vegetable issues, yet you can chop up fresh vegetables, such as lettuce, broccoli, or zucchini, and put them into the aquarium for the algae eaters to eat. 


1. Will Algae Eaters Eat Plants?

They are carnivores as well as will prey on protein and also plant issues discovered below the fish tank’s substratum.

Their drive to forage effectively underneath the substrate causes them to rake the soil, so to speak, to provide air to living plants.

Some algae eaters consume particular algae while others forage more openly on various types. Other varieties can destroy aquatic plants, so take care when adding algae eaters to planted aquariums.

2. Will Algae Eaters Eat Fish Food?

Algae eaters can also eat industrial pellets. You must select algae eater wafers or algae recipes that are the ideal size for them.

You can also feed them fresh algae biscuits daily with a routine addition of fresh vegetables.

As pointed out in the post, some fish foods for algae eaters consist of veggie matter.

Yet, you can additionally chop some fresh veggies, such as zucchini, lettuce, or broccoli, and feed them into the tank for your algae eaters to eat.

3. Do Algae Eaters Eat All Algae?

Algae-consuming fish will eat any environment-friendly algae, including rug algae and filamentous/string/hair algae. 

Still, they will certainly not feed upon the planktonic algae that triggers environment-friendly water in brand-new fish ponds or the more toxic Cyanobacteria, much more generally described as green algae.

An algae eater can be a type of fish or perhaps an invertebrate such as a snail or a type of shrimp. 

Some algae eaters feed upon specific algae, while others graze even more honestly on various styles.

Others might also prey on fish tank plants, so be careful to include algae eaters in your aquarium.

Siamese algae-eater fish are the algae-eating powerhouses of the fishkeeping world. 

Their normally tranquil nature with the capability to eat and control a vast array of algae makes them an asset to practically any type of fish tank.

4. What Is Killing My Algae Eaters?

Siamese Algae Eater

Reduced oxygen and also dirty water quickly eliminate these fish. Upstream locusts are typically offered as algae eaters for cool or temperate aquaria.

The enormous algae eaters require at least a 75-gallon storage tank. The fish tank should be positioned near the power source in a low-traffic area, away from straight sunlight and drafts.

Water considers eight extra pounds per gallon. Select a solid and secure base for your aquarium, then fill the container with water.

5. Do Algae Eaters Need Algae Wafers?

If you prepare to keep benthic fish or algae eaters in your container, you might need to supplement their diet regimen with algae wafers. 

Commonly, freshwater aquarists include benthic and algae eaters such as catfish Corydoras and plecostomus in their tanks to assist to manage algae buildup.

Hikari Algae Wafers are made to have the complete nutritional equilibrium that organisms require to prosper. 

I have discovered that the wafers are a delicious addition to various other fish and various other catfish, and raw fish.

In addition, this food includes a high plant web content that all-natural algae eaters like and also delight in.

Feed 1/2 wafers daily for six algae-eating fish, ten shrimp, and ten snails. Eliminate any leftovers after 2 hrs and transform portions as needed.


Do algae eaters eat fish? Hopefully, the information shared above will help you choose the right type of tank cleaner for your aquarium!

Also, it won’t affect your aquarium much if you don’t want to keep your algae eaters. However, you need to regularly strengthen the cleaning and vacuuming of the fish tank.