Do Angelfish Eat Snails? All You Need to Know

For aesthetic reasons, some people add snails to their aquariums to give them a more natural look. You might be wondering, “Do Angelfish eat snails?”

There has been a lot of speculation online about whether angelfish eat snails. However, no one seems to have given the correct answer.

If you are wondering about the same thing, you have come to the right place.

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Do Angelfish Eat Snails?

Angelfish don’t consume snails in most cases as snails are usually too big to fit in Angelfish mouths. But sometimes, they might nibble on tiny snails.

Snails That Angelfish Eat

Golden Inca Snails

As their name suggests, golden Inca snails have an attractive golden color. They also eat algae at a rate superior to most other snails.

Although Angelfish do not often eat Ica snails, you keep these snails separate from the Angels.

Assassin Snails

These snails reproduce quickly, so their numbers can become a threat to your aquarium. In most cases, the chances of your angelfish eating assassin snails are low, but it can happen.

Nerite Snails

Nerite snails are pretty popular among aquarists, and they consume algae faster and more efficiently than most of their cousins. Although infrequently, Angelfish can also eat these snails.

Pond Snails

These snails are a nuisance, so people get nervous when they see them in their aquariums.

Pond snails are about the size of a pea. So, the chances of your angelfish consuming them are high.

Snails That Angelfish Don’t Eat.


Angelfish don’t always eat snails

Ivory Mystery Snails

These snails prefer to eat the uneaten food they identify in your tank.

They will also eat algae, fish pellets, flakes, and any vegetables you have chosen to put into your tank.

These snails can grow relatively large, making them not an ideal food choice for Angelfishes.

Sulawesi Snails

These snails are peaceful species, unlikely to antagonize the other inhabitants of the fish tank. That is why Angels are less likely to consume them.

Sulawesi Snails are also slow in the field of reproduction.

Malaysian Trumpet Snails

These snails are very popular with aquarium owners. They are popular because they consume aquarium waste and are not a threat to your live plants. Also, they are easy to care for and inexpensive. Angelfish tend to ignore these snails.

Mystery Snails

Under the right conditions, they can become quite large, making angelfish less likely to eat them.

Mystery snails can reach 2 inches in size and come in various colors. These snails can escape from aquariums, so you have to close the lid.

Apple Snails

Apple Snails are considered giants in the snail world. They can reach 6 inches in size, making it impossible for Angelfish to eat them.

Apple snails can survive both in water and in and out of water. They are available in many colors, giving you options regarding the aesthetics of your tank.

Snails That Angelfish Don’t Eat Snails That Angelfish Might Eat
●       Ivory Mystery Snails

●       Sulawesi Snails

●       Malaysian Trumpet Snails

●       Mystery Snails

●       Apple Snails

●       Golden Inca Snails

●       Assassin Snails

●       Nerite Snails

●       Pond Snails


Do My Angelfish Get Sick From Eating Snails?

Angelfish in the tropical fish tank

Angelfish is safe to eat snails

The answer is no. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that angelfish suffer from health problems because of eating snails.

Angelfish consume various foods, so it will be okay to eat snails.

How Do Snails Get Into My Aquarium?

For some people, keeping snails is not a necessity.

Therefore, you may be surprised when you wake up one random morning and find that there are several snails or slugs in your aquarium. They can make your aquarium into an unsightly mess.

You can accidentally introduce snail eggs into your tank by adding plants or decorations.

What Are the Benefits of Eating Snails?

There are several benefits to eating snails for your fish:

  • Snail slime can help keep your aquarium water clean by trapping bacteria and debris.
  • Your angels will get the necessary nutrients to thrive and survive.
  • Some angelfish prefer snails as a food source over other kinds of fish.

Is It Safe for Snails And Angelfish to Live Together?

It is safe for snails and angels to live together if you choose them carefully and maintain their respective habitats.

Ensure to choose snails with low slime production and are not poisonous in case your Angelfish and other fish eat them. Finally, always ensure the snail food your Angelfish are consuming is safe.

What Makes Snails Bad For My Angelfish Tank?

Many snails survive in aquariums without trouble or issues. But sometimes, they may become a problem to other aquatic species, such as angelfish.

Snails might become a nuisance for some reasons, such as:

  • Snails may unintentionally block the tank’s filters which can cause problems for the entire aquarium.
  • Some snails reproduce quickly, overwhelming your aquarium and making an imbalance.
  • If the snails die in the tank, they might release ammonia, negatively affecting your shrimp and fish.
  • Some snails eat algae, and that’s a good thing. But others will consume both algae and your live plants.

Are There Benefits for Snails in My Angelfish Tanks?

Not all snails are bad. They are scavengers, keeping your aquarium clean by eating fish leftovers, waste, and algae.

Snails can eliminate toxic gasses by aerating the tank’s substrate. Plus, they can eat more annoying,  smaller snails.

Some aquarists also add snails to their aquariums for added aesthetics. Some species of snails have strange and unique colors, adding flair to aquariums.

The Bottom Line

Do Angelfish eat snails? The answer is no in most cases. Angelfish do not typically eat snails and slugs.

These creatures aren’t part of Angelfish’s natural diet. Although sometimes this fish will scavenge on tiny snails, this is not a typical diet.

Thank you for reading!