Do Cherry Shrimp Lay Eggs? Get the Facts Here!

Cherry shrimp is one of the easiest to keep since they are a sturdy species that does not require much maintenance.

These organisms can survive and breed by themselves as long as they have a stable habitat.

Do cherry shrimp lay eggs? Let’s scroll down this article to get an in-depth explanation and some care guides for these aquatic creatures!

Do Cherry Shrimp Lay Eggs?

Cherry shrimp, like most other shrimp, will lay eggs. They are not livebearers.

Yet, their spawns won’t be visible in the aquarium, unlike egg-laying species. The animal realm comes with 2 varieties of animals: livebearers and egg layers.

These aquatic creatures have been recognized for laying spawns. They don’t give birth to babies.

Most aquarists may not know these aquatic creatures lay and release spawns under their tails.

These eggs will stay there until they hatch. This method will make the spawns safer, cleaner, and more oxygenated.

They deposit their spawns because they are unfertilized. They do move them around from time to time.

Let’s take a closer look at the reproduction process of these aquatic creatures!

Cherry Shrimp store their eggs inside their saddle

They lay eggs. However, unlike other aquatic creatures, they don’t drop their spawns in the aquarium.

The spawns stay in these creatures’ saddles until they pair with the male.

The males fertilize their eggs.

Males release the sperm into a tube that connects the saddle to the female’s belly. When they pair, the saddle eggs drop to her belly’s bottom.

Female transports fertilized eggs

The spawns then drop to the bottom of the female, where the swimmeret legs lie. They transport the fertilized eggs on their little swimmeret legs.

The fries don’t experience the larval stage.

The young juvenile shrimps look like their parent counterparts in appearance when these spawn hatch.

Like freshwater shrimp species, these creatures don’t undergo the larval stage.

cherry shrimp on rock

Cherry shrimp

How To Tell If A Cherry Shrimp Gets Pregnant?

It is relatively simple to determine whether or not your pets are pregnant.

If you want to know if your pets carry their eggs, you can look for the following two signs.

Whenever a female begins to produce spawns inside, the golden hue of her body is typically visible.

The forming eggs are frequently easier to observe in these creatures with less pigmentation.

However, detecting these spawns in colorful Cherry shrimp may be challenging.

When the spawns hatch, they migrate down the female’s body until reaching her tail.

When these eggs are thoroughly grown, the female molts and releases pheromones in the water, attracting a male.

When the female has fertilized spawns, she will keep them under her body. She will hold a clutch of twenty tiny golden eggs or more beneath her body.

Pregnant cherry shrimp

Pregnant signs

Do You Need To Separate The Pregnant Shrimp?

When mentioning breeding fish in a tank, most experts recommend keeping them in different aquariums.

However, this method is unsuitable for these creatures because they don’t release spawns in your tank.

Also, they will keep berrying and carrying these fertilized eggs under their tails.

Nevertheless, the situation may be slightly different if you own an aquarium full of bully fish.

Because of the stress and bullying, your pets might deposit their spawns into the tank. After that, the fish in your aquarium may eat them.

If that’s the case, it’s best to separate pregnant females from the existing aquarium and transfer them to another container.

Why Won’t Your Cherry Shrimp Breed?

Here are the main reasons for not breeding in this species. Let’s check them out!

Water Parameters

The precise figures will depend on the specific aquarium. However, the pH level should be 7.5, and the water hardness is from 100 – 200 ppm.

The water temperature should be between 80 – 82°F, and the total alkalinity should be between 30 and 90 meq/L.

Inappropriate Mating Ratio

Ideally, it’s better to maintain the mating ratio of 3 females and 1 male in a tank.

If you keep too many males, they may fight and kill each other, making reproduction difficult.

Feeding Routine

If you feed these aquatic creatures improperly, they can’t breed like other invertebrates.

Instead of feeding your pets once a day, it’s better to provide food for them about 4 to 5 times per week.

Besides, you need to adjust the diet of this species to ensure they get the required nutrients.

Tank Setup

Before your pets breed, it’s a good idea to consider the tank setup as these creatures like making nests and breed at higher places in your aquarium.

You can make your pets a breeding place by putting several algae-covered pebbles on your tank’s substrate.

Insufficient Oxygen

An obstructed ventilation system, an ineffective filter, and debris in the tank can all cause an oxygen shortage.

If it’s the case, your pets can’t breathe correctly. It is the priority for most breeders.

More Period Of Waiting Needs

This species normally reproduces after 3 to 5 months of introduction to an aquarium.

However, these creatures may not release spawns during this period. Patience is the key!

If you’ve recently introduced these pets to your aquarium, they may require more time to breed.


What Do Cherry Shrimp Eggs Look Like?

Depending on the hue of the female’s saddle, the spawn may be yellow or green. They darken until the newborn prawn hatch after approximately three weeks.

How Often Do Cherry Shrimp Lay Eggs?

This species will be pregnant every 3 – 5 months if all goes properly.

Do Shrimp Eat Their Babies?

These creatures do not consume their spawns if the females still carry them.

However, whenever these spawns get unattached for any reason, this species will consume their babies.

Why Did My Cherry Shrimp Drop Her Eggs?

During the fanning phase of the pregnancy, inexperienced females will drop their spawns. If these are unfertilized spawns, the females will also lose them.

How Long Does It Take For Baby Cherry Shrimp To Grow?

These creatures reach sexual maturity between the ages of 120 and 150 days. An adult can gain 2.60 grams every week.

Final Thoughts

Do Cherry shrimp lay eggs? In conclusion, these aquatic creatures are egg layers, which means they will deposit spawns in water.

You can recognize a pregnant female via the saddle’s color or check their tail. Some may not breed due to inappropriate water parameters, feeding routines, or tank setup.

If you have further concerns, please comment below. Thanks for taking the time to follow this post!