Neon tetras are among the fish that are most frequently seen in aquariums at home and local fish shops because they are tiny, vibrant, and entertaining to watch. Still, you find they may occasionally seem quieter than usual. You may ask yourself: do neon tetras sleep? This post will give you the answer you are looking for. Let’s dive right in!

Do Neon Tetras Sleep?

Neon Tetra

Yes. Neon tetras do, in fact, sleep. They usually go to sleep at night and get up in the morning. Still, it is challenging to predict when they might fall asleep.

Since neon tetras are pretty active during the day, it is only at night that you will notice them sleeping. During the night, you may notice that they seem to have ceased displaying any signs of activity and have begun to engage in their usual sleeping patterns.

Sleeping is beneficial to neon tetras since it allows them to rest and preserve energy. These fish put in a lot of effort to stay healthy and content, so taking a break is a crucial component of their daily routine.

How Do Neon Tetras Sleep?

Group of Neon Tetras

For new hobbyists, the peculiar manner in neon tetras sleep can be perplexing. They normally spend the day swimming about the task and sleep at night.

Neon tetras prefer spending the day in the coolest part of their tank, which is near the bottom. While they wander a lot throughout the day, they typically gather at night in secluded, dark hiding spots like caves or beneath rocks and roots.

If you’ve kept neon tetras for a while, you’ve probably observed that their bodies appear paler after staying some time in the dark. While sleeping for a few hours, these tetras don’t close their eyes. The fish can be seen floating virtually vertically in the lower part of the tank, close to the gravel.

How To Tell If Your Neon Tetras Are Sleeping

Neon Tetra

Being unable to tell your neon tetras are sleeping is crucial since, occasionally, people mistake sleeping for death. It is reasonable to presume that your fish is dead if it is floating in the stream or the filter’s current without moving its fins. The neon tetras, however, are most likely asleep if they are floating in the same spot without being affected by the current.

Additionally, while they are sleeping, these fish are highly alert and will react if you tap on the aquarium walls. Still, because it stresses the fish, this is a risky approach to determine whether they are sleeping or not.

How To Create A Healthy Sleeping Schedule For Your Neon Tetras

Neon Tetras swimming

Without proper nutrition, your neon tetras may experience various health problems. Thus, here are some methods you can try to make sure your beloved fish have healthy sleeping habits and get the rest they require.

Use Light

Neon tetras depend on lighting to stay healthy because they require proper lighting to maintain the health of their eyes, their natural colors, and the rate of their growth. The fish often need light on for 12 to 14 hours per day to keep their circadian rhythm in check. It aids them in maintaining a sleeping schedule.

The most effective technique to maintain a routine is to install a fish tank light with a timer. Neon tetras thrive in low-light environments; thus, a tank with lots of plants, dim lighting, and tannins would be ideal.

Set A Suitable Temperature And pH Level

Given that they are tropical fish, tetras prefer warmer water. The ideal water temperature is from 74 to 82 Fahrenheit (about 23 to 27 Celsius). Also, their tank should have a pH level between 6.0 and 7.8.

To change the water parameters of your tank, you can add a variety of substances, such as aquarium salt. In addition to enhancing some fish’s hues, salt can help avoid health problems.

Get Your Neon Tetras Right Tank Mates

The tank mates determine your tetras’ capacity to unwind and sleep. The stress of keeping huge, aggressive fish can scare your tetras and hinder their quality of sleep, resulting in various illnesses.

Furthermore, neon tetras are social fish that like to be with others. Your tetras will continue to feel secure and a part of the community if your schools are of an appropriate size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Neon Tetras Require Light While Sleeping?

No. Neon tetras do not require light while sleeping at night, much like other types of fish. To ensure that the tetras sleep well at night, it is best to turn off the tank light.

Your neon tetras may become anxious and scared if the light is left on for a long time at night. Tetras require darkness to rest for a while. Additionally, leaving the lights off replicates their natural surroundings.

Do Neon Tetras Play Dead?

Yes. Neon tetras occasionally pretend to be dead when they’re threatened, terrified, or trying to get your attention. Still, if you observe that it occurs more than one or two times, it may occasionally be a symptom of an illness. When a fish is alone, and you notice it spinning, it can have a parasite illness or a brain injury.

Are Neon Tetras Active At Night?

No, neon tetras, as mentioned, are diurnal fish, meaning that nighttime is their sleeping time.

The Bottom Line

Do neon tetras sleep? Now you have the answer after reading this post. In certain cases, they may even be hidden at the bottom of the fish tank, making it impossible for you to detect them. Although you might find this strange, neon tetras frequently exhibit this behavior.

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