Does Anubias Need Fertilizer? – Final Answer For Aquarium Lovers

Having aquatic plants inside your aquarium can bring about significant benefits. Not only do they act as decor, but these plants are also helpful in filtering the water and providing fish with enough playgrounds.

Among them, anubias are arguably the top choice for aquarists due to their low cost and hardiness. So, does anubias need fertilizer? And what should you do regarding their care? Find out the answer in the article below!

Does Anubias Need Fertilizer?

anubias in aquarium

Not necessarily. Anubias are extremely easy to grow. Given the amount of waste produced by your fish and the food leftovers inside the tanks, your anubias surely can develop without having to rely on artificial fertilizers.

Anubias – Everything You Need To Know


Anubias do not need to be deeply planted under the tank’s substrate. As these plants grow from several thick rhizomes, make sure they all stay above ground to absorb nutrients and sunlight.

But once the roots have already made their way from the rhizomes, feel free to anchor them to a certain surface for more stable development.

Lighting conditions

Anubias do not prefer intense lighting conditions. Rather, they only enjoy a minimal amount of light, just enough to support their photosynthesis. If you place your tank with anubias somewhere brightly lit, algae will soon follow up.

Care routine

Unlike other fast-growing aquatic plants, anubias grow rather slowly. It will take months before the plants reach their full height. Thus, you do not need to trim them too regularly. A quick check-up once every few months should be enough.

That said, make sure you keep an eye to see if there is any dead stem or leaves. Remove them immediately before they can pollute the water and affect your fish. But besides that, anubias is generally a very low-maintenance plant that requires little care at all.

Advantages Of Keeping Anubias Inside Your Tank

Now that you have learned a thing or two about anubias, let’s have a look at why you should keep these plants in your home tank.

They are beginner-friendly

Many inexperienced aquarists struggle to set up a tank filled with healthy aquatic plants. This is when anubias come in handy. Not only are these plants widely accessible and affordable, but they are also easy to care for.

Even if you have never had an aquatic plant before, you will soon find out that taking care of anubias is a piece of cake. In the worst scenario, should you make some mistakes, your anubias are still bound to stay alive.

They are beautiful

Anubias can be as beautiful as they are practical. With their deep green and spreading leaves, anubias make for great background decor inside a home aquarium. It also helps deepen the colors of your tank’s water as well.

They can filter the water

Like all other plants, anubias take in CO2 and exhale oxygen. This helps to generate more water flow and rids the tank of toxins. That is not to mention how anubias must take in nitrite, nitrate, and ammonia for their growth.

Given how these harmful substances are central to the survival of anubias, it is no wonder why tanks with well-groomed anubias tend to be more stabilized and better designed for fish.

How To Find The Right Anubias For Your Tank

Finding healthy anubias from the start will reduce the workload you have to take on regarding their maintenance. Moreover, having these healthy plants can minimize problems as far as water conditions are concerned.


Look for anubias with thick and heavy stems. If the stems appear to be flimsy or too softened, then chances are these plants are not that healthy. You will need strong, sturdy stems to support the entire collection of leaves hanging above.


Anubias has a distinctive green shade. They only turn brown or yellow in the event of diseases. Thus, refrain from buying anubias with brown or yellow leaves, as they indicate hidden ailment and deficiency.


Have a look at your anubias and detect whether the leaves and stems are damaged or not. If you spot any hole or tear on the leaves, make sure to stay away from them.

Algae invasion

Algae may already take hold of anubias leaves, illustrated by algae patches scattered across the leaves. While you can get rid of this, later on, it is not worth the hassle.

anubias in tank


1. How do you feed anubias?

Unlike aquatic plants that need specific aqua soil, anubias only need the movements of the water column. They consume the nutrients embedded inside the water. Therefore, just make sure your tank has enough water movements and your plants will be fine.

2. How do you keep anubias healthy?

The best way to keep healthy anubias is to leave them somewhere with plenty of shade. As mentioned above, anubias are native to tropical lands. Hence, they prefer being shielded from extreme sunlight.

If you cannot place your tank away from the direct source of light, consider taking advantage of the floating plants. Floating plants provide the perfect cover for underwater plants, not to mention how they can add to the general aesthetic of your tank.

3. Does anubias flower?

Yes, anubias may end up flowering if the conditions are right. Usually, this involves a slightly warmer temperature than usual, lots of nutrients, and enough trimming.

While anubias flowers are lovely, they can take away the much-needed nutrients from the stems and leaves. Therefore, feel free to remove these flowers should you want to focus on nurturing the plants.


Does anubias need fertilizer? No, they do not. Just leave anubias alone inside your tank and make sure to take care of the rest of the community fish. Should you do everything right, your aquatic plants will thrive in no time soon.