EA Sports FC 24 is back, and it’s better than ever. As avid Football players, we eagerly anticipate each new edition of the game, and this year brings a host of exciting changes, especially in the rewards department. In this article, MMOexp is going to delve into the revamped rewards system for Division 2 and above in both FUT Champions and Rivals, take a look at Squad Battles rewards, and explore some intriguing tweaks made to the Team of the Week. So, fellow EA Sports FC enthusiasts, let’s dive right in!

Revamped Rewards for Division 2 and Above

One of the most significant changes this year is the rewards overhaul for Division 2 and above in both FUT Champions and Rivals. EA Sports FC 24 aims to encourage players to compete at their actual skill level instead of “sandbagging,” a practice seen in previous iterations where players intentionally played in lower divisions to secure easier victories.

FUT Champions Elite Division Upgrades

Let’s start with the Elite Division in FUT Champions. If you’re a top-tier player, you’re in for some impressive rewards. The Elite Division rewards now include:

Two 84+ Rare Gold Players: This replaces the previous Red Player Pick and opens up possibilities for even better rewards, especially with a minimum Team of the Week rating of 80+ this year.

Jumbo Rare Players Pack: A pack filled with rare players to bolster your squad.

Rare Players Pack: Another pack containing rare player items.

Mega Pack: A pack that offers an array of player items and consumables.

1,000 Qualification Points: Essential for securing your spot in FUT Champions.

700 XP: Progress your XP and unlock various in-game rewards.

The untradeable version of these rewards will double the packs but keep the player picks the same, which might be considered a bit of a drawback.

Division 1 Rewards

Moving down to Division 1, the rewards are still impressive:

100,000 Coins: A significant boost to your in-game currency.

Prime Gold Players Pack: A pack filled with top-tier player items.

Rare Gold Players Pack: Another pack filled with rare player items.

700 XP: More opportunities to level up.

750 Qualification Points: Get closer to FUT Champions.

Untradeable Version: Doubles the packs but keeps the player picks the same, with 40,000 coins instead of 100,000.

Division 2 Rewards

For those competing in Division 2, you’ll still enjoy some decent rewards:

50,000 Coins: A respectable coin injection.

Gold Rare Boost Pack: A unique pack worth exploring.

Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack: A pack filled with 24 gold player items.

50k Pack: A pack containing valuable items.

30k Pack: Another option for improving your squad.

Two Rare Gold Players Pack: Additional player items.

600 Qualification Points: Progress in FUT Champions eligibility.

700 XP: Continue earning experience points.

The untradeable version of these rewards offers more packs and 32,500 coins instead of 50,000.

Division 3 and Beyond

Divisions 3, 4, 5, and beyond also have their unique reward structures. Division 4, in particular, stands out as a solid choice for players who might not consider themselves elite but still want substantial rewards. With an untradeable Rare Mega Pack and Prime Gold Players Pack, that’s nearly 200,000 coins’ worth of packs.

Squad Battles: More Rewards, More Fun

Squad Battles, a favorite mode for many EA Sports FC 24 players, has also received some tweaks in EA Sports FC 24. With 32 games and 4-minute halves, it’s more accessible and enjoyable than ever. The rewards for Rank One and Elite One now include two 50k packs, which makes the mode even more appealing. Elite one players receive two of these packs and 22,000 FC 24 coins.

Team of the Week: The Underappreciated Changes

While everyone is eager to see their favorite players in Team of the Week, this year’s changes have flown somewhat under the radar. One key alteration is that every player is now a minimum of 80 rated, which is fantastic. Additionally, certain lower-rated players have received substantial boosts to their stats, making them far more usable in-game.

One standout example is Mats Hummels, who received a remarkable pace boost. His upgraded card boasts 87 sprint speed when paired with a Shadow chemistry style, making him a force to be reckoned with in defense.

Other players, like Halilovic from Fortuna, have seen massive upgrades, transforming them from discard-price cards into valuable assets. These upgrades add depth and variety to squad building and gameplay, enriching the EA Sports FC 24 experience.


EA Sports FC 24 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the EA Sports FC community. The revamped rewards system for Division 2 and above, enhanced Squad Battles rewards, and the revitalized Team of the Week are just some of the highlights that make this edition stand out. Whether you’re an elite player or just starting your FC journey, the improvements in rewards and gameplay mechanics promise a thrilling season ahead. So, jump into the game, start earning those rewards, and may your ultimate team shine on the virtual pitch!

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