Electric Blue Crayfish Tank Mates: Must-Know Tips For Aquarium Lovers

Electric Blue Crayfish – scientifically known as the Procambarus alleni – is an invertebrate famous for its unique shape and color. Given how visually stunning and special the behaviors of this species are, it is no wonder why most freshwater aquariums want to put in Electric Blue Crayfish.

That said, finding Electric Blue Crayfish tank mates is another matter, as these animals are rather aggressive. If you want to know more about nurturing and taking care of Electric Blue Crayfish at home, keep reading to find out!

Electric Blue Crayfish Tank Mates

Electric Blue Crayfish are notorious for their hostility and activeness. But contrary to popular belief, this species can still live in harmony with other animals within a large community tank.

For this to come true, you have to prepare beforehand and ensure optimal conditions for all living beings involved.

Firstly, as crayfish mostly live on the floor of the tank, it is wise to avoid any other species that share the same habitat. Add in anything that roams the middle and upper level of the water column. This way, you are less likely to witness a fight.

Secondly, crayfish feed on both meat and plant-based food. As they are considered a scavenger, you might want to remove any live plants from the aquarium, as well as species that share the same diet. This allows you to minimize the chance of collision.

Thirdly, crayfish can be predatory towards other species, especially if they are small and slow. Anything from shrimp to tiny fish can be seen as food for crayfish. Hence, putting in fast-swimming animals means crayfish will not be able to catch them.

In case you are looking for some specific names, below are several recommendations on the best Electric Blue Crayfish tank mates.

  • Guppies
  • Red tail shark
  • Fast Danios
  • Rainbow darters
  • Hatchet fish.
  • Pearl Gourami.
  • African butterfly fish.
  • Rasboras

Electric Blue Crayfish Lifespan, Appearance, Size

Now, it is time to dig a bit deeper into this particular species. Here, we will discuss the lifespan, appearance, and size of Electric Blue Crayfish, alongside other fun tidbits.


Crayfish’s longevity is something to dream about, as this species can live up to 6 years. Electric Blue Crayfish is no exception. Under optimal conditions, Electric Blue Crayfish can even pass this threshold and enjoy a few months longer than average. Sounds amazing, right?

However, it should be noted that not all Electric Blue Crayfish get to fulfill these 5-6 years. If they catch any kind of disease or the ammonia level in your aquarium is through the roof, it is expected that these species will deteriorate in health.

Should you ignore the problem for a long time, crayfish’s life expectancy will surely go down. Therefore, do not forget to take extra care of these fish.


Electric Blue Crayfish are easily mistaken for lobsters due to their shapes and colors. But the thing is, lobsters do not live and thrive in freshwater. This should be the first sign that keeps you aware of how crayfish appear to the eye.

While crayfish share the same family with lobsters, they are much smaller in size and – upon closer inspection – have some outstanding features.

Electric Blue Crayfish pride themselves on the exoskeleton – the protective shell that shields the softer inner body against external factors. This shell will be replaced time and time again as crayfish grow.

At the head of the body, a pair of dark black eyes and several thorn-like horns are visible. While the former is for visual input, the latter serves as a defense mechanism. You will also see two antennae protruding from the thorax, enabling crayfish to taste their food and inhale the surrounding areas.

Now, if you look down at the base of this animal, you will see four pairs of pointy legs. These legs sprawl the floor with claws so Electric Blue Crayfish can move around effortlessly.

At the end of its body, a tail is included for the final touch. It curves inward and is rather girthy, with small appendages covering the entire area for swimming purposes.

Last but not least, Electric Blue Crayfish stands out thanks to its stunning colors. This species shines brightly with its cobalt blue hue, which seems to illuminate under the lights.


Electric Blue Crayfish can reach at least 4 inches in length in adulthood. In some cases, this number goes up to 6 inches.

Electric Blue Crayfish Care Guide

Tank size

For Electric Blue Crayfish to live comfortably, a 30-gallon aquarium is required. But it only works for one adult. Should you wish to increase the number of crayfish, especially when they have reached adulthood, only anything more than 50-gallon will suffice.

Tank setup

Electric Blue Crayfish is pretty adaptable and hardy. That said, you will need to make their living environment as pleasant as possible.

The water temperature should be anywhere between 18 degrees Celcius (65 degrees Fahrenheit) and 20 degrees Celcius (75 degrees Fahrenheit). The pH level must be around 6.5 – 7.5, while that of the KH is 6-15.

Hiding places such as artificial caves, PVC pipes, driftwood, and rockwork are also vital to crayfish’s survival. They provide crayfish with a haven during their molting process.

On a final note, it is important to check out the water conditions of your tank regularly. If the nitrate or ammonia levels are too high, crayfish will fall prey to diseases. You are recommended to change 25% of the water weekly to ensure the well-being of crayfish.


Now that you have learned about Electric Blue Crayfish tank mates, it is time to assemble a freshwater aquarium of your own. Try to keep the tank well-tended, and you will get to enjoy its beauty for years to come!