A Comprehensive Guide On Feeding Brine Shrimp to Freshwater Fish

If you’ve been an aquarist for a while, you probably know about brine shrimp. This shrimp is mentioned as a decent and potential food for freshwater fish.

They are also frequently mentioned in the aquarium care guide as a steady supply of nutritious, live food for aquarium fish.

This article will cover a guide on feeding brine shrimp to freshwater fish and some other related information.

So let’s read more about another potential food source for your freshwater fish!

What Are Brine Shrimps?

Brine shrimp are tiny crustaceans with strong vitality and defy all odds to survive. These hardy organisms can withstand more dramatic temperature fluctuations and higher levels of salinity than most other creatures.

Their resilience to all environmental extremes is impressive, allowing them to exist and have persisted for approximately the past 100 million years.

Among fish keepers and aquarists, brine shrimp are one of the highly nutritious food supplies that meet fish’s needs better than manufactured flakes.

Aquarists can usually buy them at pet stores, but it is possible to raise them yourself to ensure a constant fresh food source.

Brine shrimp are easy to hatch, making them ideal for science experiments or novelty pets for kids. They are also known by the name sea monkeys!

These creatures look very interesting, with eleven pairs of legs, a hard shell, and a long tail. These minor animals usually grow from twelve to fifteen millimeters (approximately 0.5 inches) in length and can reach this size very quickly.

Artemia under a microscope.

Brine shrimp are a strong vitality and defy all odds to survive

Guide On Feeding Brine Shrimp To Freshwater Fish

If you feed your freshwater fish with brine shrimp, start by straining a net with a mesh size no larger than 0.5mm (500 microns) and add them to your aquarium shrimp via the net.

All these efforts are to avoid adding salt water to your freshwater environment.

Adding the entire contents to your tank for marine aquariums is alright, or you can filter through a proper net as above if preferred.

Yet, you can brine shrimp before feeding your fish. All you need to do is put them under a water tap to remove metabolites and salts that can harm your fish.

Then place your brine shrimp in a small tank or container with the same water parameters as your aquarium to ensure that they are clean and acclimatized to the same water your fish live in.

Then you can feed them to your marine and freshwater fish. Brine shrimp typically survive in a freshwater tank for half an hour or longer.

But do not worry if a few odd ones are left after this time since they will live for up to five hours in fresh water, and your fish will hunt and eat them.

You should store your brine shrimp in a cool place in an unopened bag. That way, they can last a couple of days.

Once you have opened the bags but not all used in one feed, you can store the opened bag by placing it upright in a tall glass.

The Advantages of Utilizing Brine Shrimp as Food For Fish

couple of Brine Shrimps

Brine shrimp can be energy-rich and efficient food supplies for fish

Brine shrimp can be incredibly energy-rich and efficient food sources for both saltwater and freshwater fish.

The protein quantity in these shrimp can be 60% of their dry weight, making them ideal for the young fish’s growth.

Their protein level is the main reason they are an ideal food source in the aquatic community, but they also have some other benefits, including:

  • Brine shrimp boost your fish’s hunting instincts because of the spastic swimming motions of shrimp. It is decent enrichment for fish and fun to observe!
  • You can use brine shrimp as food for both freshwater and marine fish because of their salinity tolerance.
  • Brine shrimp are simple to consume and positively affect the fish’s digestive systems.
  • They rarely carry diseases that can be transmitted to freshwater fish, unlike other live food that are available at the aquarium store.
  • Freshly brine shrimp are minor, making them ideal for fish fries that are too tiny to consume anything else.


Is It Okay to Refrigerate Brine Shrimp?

The answer is Yes. You can refract (not freeze) your brine shrimp for a couple of days. Feed them several hours before refrigeration.

What Freshwater Fish Can Eat Brine Shrimp?

Various freshwater fish species can eat brine shrimp. The problem with finding fish that cannot eat brine shrimp is that they are harder to find.

Can I Feed My Fish Brine Shrimp Every Day?

Feeding your freshwater fish with brine shrimp daily is okay as they are a steady supply of nutritious, live food. However, you should also add other foods to your fish’s daily diet.

How to Tell If My Brine Shrimp Are Still Healthy?

Shine one flashlight into your brine shrimp community. If your brine shrimp are still healthy, they will concentrate in the light.

If they do not, and you could access a dissecting scope, check out the digestive tract (a straight tube running the length of your shrimp’s body). If it is not filled with food, just feed them.

Where Can Brine Shrimp Live?

Brine Shrimp live in a large range of different saline habitats on the coast or inland. They may live offshore, in man-made bodies of water, or in lakes in most parts of the world.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, by the end of this post, you learned more about how to feed freshwater fish with brine shrimp.

Generally, brine shrimp are potential food for freshwater fish, and it would be a shame if your fish did not have access to this nutritious food source.

Please share this article so other aquarists can also grasp this helpful knowledge. Thanks for stopping by!