Do Female Betta Fish Make Bubble Nests? Here Is The Answer

Do female betta fish make bubble nests? This is a common question since building nests are the main responsibility of male betta fish.

However, when detecting a female fish’s bubble nests, you must reassess some factors.

Knowing everything about betta fish’s different habits is important because it helps you properly care for your fish. This article will thoroughly examine female betta fish’s nests, what their nests look like, and what you can do with them. Scroll down for details.

Do Female Betta Fish Make Bubble Nests?

Yes, they do. Female betta fish sometimes create bubble nests to support their male partners.

blue betta fish

Why Is My Female Betta Building A Bubble Nest?

The first reason is that they can assist male betta fish. The main work of male betta fish is building bubble nests, but female fish also support them if possible.

The second reason is that your female betta is truly a male. Yes, you, the owner, sometimes mistake a male for a female.

Determining the gender of these fish is not easy. You can check their gender by seeking a small tube carrying the egg or ovipositor during the mating time.  This typical sign helps you check whether your betta fish is female or male.

How Often Do Betta Fish Create Bubble Nests?

This answer also depends on different factors such as their age, general health condition, and female presence in a tank. The average breeding age for betta fish is about 4-12 months, which is the most suitable time to make their bubble nests.

What Does Bubble Nest Look Like?

The bigger the betta fish, the larger the nests are.

A bubble nest often contains small bubbles like soap scum or large bubbles different in shape. Some betta fish can build a bubble nest together in a specific area. These nests can be a thin bubble layer easily visible or an opaque or thick layer up to 1 inch.

What Are the Betta Bubble Nests For?

When a male betta fish completes the bubble nests, he will look for other female betta fish in the aquarium. Next, he will flatten the bubble nests to prepare for the final courtship and mating. After the female fish lays eggs, he is motivated to expand his bubble nests.

betta fish with bubble nest

Source: Wikimedia Commons

How Do I Encourage My Betta Fish to Make a Bubble Nest?

If the betta fish age is not problematic, you can encourage the betta fish to build a nest of bubbles by cheering them up.

You need to choose a proper tank. Give your betta fish a tank with enough space and water capacity to stimulate them to make their bubble nests. A standard rectangular tank is ideal for betta fish, not a curved or moon tank.

You shouldn’t use tank filters generating strong currents since they will prevent betta fish from making their nests properly.

Besides, you should often clean the tank to remove the dirt and create a favorable natural environment for your betta fish to build their nests.

Make the tank clean once a week, depending on the size. Do not change the water at once because this can make betta fish shock with the sudden temperature change.

Choosing a proper temperature is essential to motivate your betta fish to make their nests.

To decorate the tank, you can add plastic castles, aquarium plants, or other ornaments. This will make your betta fish excited and interested in building their bubble nests.

betta is interested in making bubble nest

Source: Wikimedia Commons

How Does a Betta Fish Make a Bubble Nest?

They will blow off the bubbles to form their nests. They make the nests durable and strong by coating these blisters with saliva.

Blisters are durable and firm, thanks to the saliva coating. These bubbles are oxygen-rich to help the freshly hatched fish survive in them.

Bubble-nesting fish that create foam nests usually live in muddy puddles, muddy water, or shallow with low oxygen. So, these “houses” are a critical adaptive technique contributing to their power and survival.

What Can You Do If Your Betta Fish Builds A Bubble Nest?

Technically, you have to do nothing. Yet, you can follow the simple steps to boost your betta fish activity if you want to breed betta fish well.

Keep The Tank Clean

You should frequently clean the tank and change the water inside to remove pollutant factors such as dirt, toxic substances, rotten plants, or dead organisms.  Make a proper treatment of the residue in the tank. It’s also advisable to evacuate the substrate.

Move Them To a Large Tank

You need to give them at least 10 gallons of water to keep the puny fish in the big tank for the best condition. This will support your betta fish in creating bubble nests in better aquariums. It will provide them with sufficient and comfy space.

Also, you shouldn’t keep the male population too dense. This can make them aggressive and busy competing to build bubble nests. Adding several floating objects is a great idea as well. They also support you in creating a platform for betta fish to build their bubble nests.

Use The Right Heater

The tank’s heating is necessary to allow you to breed your betta fish effectively. Thus, you should maintain the right temperature (about 22-25 degrees Celsius) to lend your betta fish a favorable environment.

Use Proper Filters

Using the wrong filters can produce strong currents that prevent your betta fish from building their nests. The strong currents also affect the eggs and make your fish tired. Thus, you should use the correct aquarium filter to generate a mild stream.


Do female betta fish make bubble nests? Now, you know the answer is yes. Female betta fish can build their bubble nests despite being rare. Normally, male betta fish perform bubble nesting, a natural part of the betta breeding process.

Yet, female fish’s contributions to this work are also equally noteworthy. A female fish can begin a complete cycle, including building nests and laying eggs.