Female Endler VS Female Guppy – What Are The Key Differences?

Two common small freshwater fish recognized for their stunning hues are guppies and endlers. 

They are among the most well-liked aquatic animals in the world because of their extraordinary adaptability to survive in various environments. 

Endlers and guppies can have a striking resemblance despite certain distinctions, especially female ones. 

If you do not know how to tell them apart, come along as we discover everything you need to discover about female Endler vs female Guppy in this article!

Female Endler Vs Female Guppy – What Are The Key Differences?

Are you debating whether to purchase Endlers or guppies? Telling them apart may be extremely challenging if you consider putting one of them in your tank.

Check out these variations to make the task a little simpler:

Female Endler Vs Female Guppy


The size disparity is one of Endlers and Guppies’ main distinctions. In general, the females of both fishes are bigger than the males due to sexual dimorphism.

However, the Guppies are substantially bigger than Endlers. Whereas Endler females only develop to a length of around 1.8 inches, female Guppies can reach about 2.5 inches.


The coloration of the fish is another noticeable variation. Guppies in the female sex are fairly plain and have tails with erratic hues. 

Their skin is often gray or silver-gray in tone. Their tail region is also milky white.

On the other hand, female Endlers have a transparent peduncle and a slightly darker tail; their body is a simple yellow-gray tint.


The distinctions between the tails of two different fish types are a little harder to see. Guppies typically have larger, colorful tails than the others, which are smaller and translucent.

guppy swimming

Brood Size

Both fishes don’t spawn eggs but give birth to young fish, hence the livebearer name. However, the number of these baby fish is dissimilar. Guppies can give birth to 15 fries, while Endlers typically produce 30 fries, but they were barely 0.2 inches long at birth! 

They are, nonetheless, completely developed and quickly learn to swim independently. Guppies and Endlers both have a monthly spawning cycle.

Gravid Spot

Only female fish who give birth to live young have the peculiar gravid mark. It is a dark area over the female fish’s uterus on her skin.

The spot on the female Guppies is bigger and spreads further toward the flank. Meanwhile, female Endlers have a tiny one that does not extend.

Body Shape

There are notable differences between the body types of Guppies and Endlers. In addition to being bigger than Endlers, Guppies have a bulkier physique than Endlers, who is slender and sleek. 

The point where the body and tail link together is where this body type is most obvious. This holds for both sexes.

female endler

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Keep Endlers And Guppies Together?

Yes, as they are both calm creatures and can get along with each other well. You can place more guppies with them because they will get in the way and will make the guppies happy. 

Of course, predators can find partners in other species besides guppies.

You might also consider other peaceful species, including krill, tetras, platies, and other little fish of the same nature. Guppies can coexist since they are quite similar in many respects and need similar amounts of water compared to these tank mates.

Do Endlers And Guppies Have The Same Family Group?

Yes, both guppies and guppies are members of the Poeciliidae family, which also includes a variety of other small aquatic fish and crustaceans. 

Sword, Molly, and Platys are some of the other members.

What Are The Similarities Between Two Species?

Surface temperatures of 72 to 78 degrees F are ideal for keepers of the two fishes. Normal guppies will thrive at such temps, though they may be slightly warmer. Both require fairly comparable upkeep and care.

The two are versatile in the diet; powder and tablet forms perform nicely for both, but make sure to choose ones packed with healthy nutrients. Additionally, both types of fish should consume live and frozen items regularly.

Longtail fish should not be kept in the same tank as your favorite guppies if you wish to breed them. Endlers, like common guppies, are the ideal fish for community tanks because of their calm and amiable temperament.

They are very similar in their nature and conduct. Both fish are calm, so maintaining them together won’t be too difficult.

Can We Reproduce Endlers And Guppies Together?

Yes, Endler guppies result from crossbreeding between these two types of fish. That’s why we refer to Endlers as a variant of guppies, not a separate species themselves.

If you want to crossbreed the two, remember to pick a male Endler and a female guppy. It’s because a male guppy with its bigger body will produce big fries that can harm (or even kill) other small female Endlers.

Female Endler Vs Female Guppy

What Are Popular Endler Guppy Breeds?

As you are aware, dozens of various Endler guppies are available for purchase, and their hues might vary drastically.

With their vivid hues, these small fish can breathe life into your aquarium, painting a colorful picture. Numerous fish subspecies and lesser breeds are based on a particular color.

There are numerous color variations, but orange, gold, and black are the most common hues. Their bodies also frequently exhibit purple, yellow, and sometimes blue hues.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, it is not easy to see the differences between female Endler vs female Guppy if you are not a fish expert. But, with some of the main characteristics discussed in the post, we hope the process will be much easier for you now.

Thank you for your time reading the article. See you next time!