Will Ghost Shrimp Eat Fry? We Have Got the Answer for You

Many aquarists love Ghost shrimps as they are fascinating species and are considered to consume everything. With their handy eating characteristic, ghost shrimps are present in numerous community fish tanks.

There is one question that any aquarist needs to answer before putting these species in their aquarium: Will ghost shrimp eat fry?

Let’s read to see if ghost shrimp pose threats to baby fish.

Will Ghost Shrimp Eat Fry?

ghost shrimp in aquarium

These shrimps can eat the fry

Yes, ghost shrimp can eat the fry. Although ghost shrimp is a scavenger, it is also known to show its predatory instincts occasionally.

So if these shrimps come across tiny, vulnerable, and slow-moving fry in your aquarium, there is a high chance they will attack and eat it.

On some aquatic forums, some fish keepers and aquarists have reported that their ghost shrimps consumed fry of bettas, guppies, angelfish, mollies, and platys.

Through this, we can affirm that these shrimps do not have a fixed taste palate regarding fish fry. Ghost shrimps will eat any fry that is alone, weak, and tiny.

Many aquarists have reported that their shrimp get along happily with the fry.

Most people reported that they did not notice the missing fries.

Why do Ghost Shrimps Eat Fry? 6 Main Reasons

This Shrimp is Nocturnal

While your shrimps are still active, fish or their fries might go to the tank’s bottom for one pleasant slumber at night. So, those bottom feeders can easily catch and eat the fry.

These shrimps will typically catch fry that is small and far from large fish. Then, they’ll most likely strike the stomach or neck first.

Fry Is at Your Tank’s Bottom

Ghost shrimps often hang out at your tank’s bottom as they are bottom feeders.

Most fries swim in the upper half region, but they can sometimes go to the bottom due to the water’s current. They swim down to the base when hiding.

In these cases, your ghost shrimps will easily snack on fries. Slow-moving fries, such as betta fry and angelfish fry, are more easily caught.

Your Ghost Shrimps Are Angry

angry shrimp

These shrimps can get stressed if something goes wrong

Ghost shrimps do not often get angry as other species do. But they could get stressed if something goes wrong. In this case, they will lash out at the fish.

For example, if you don’t feed these shrimps well or your aquarium is overpopulated, they will likely eat fries.

In addition to a lack of meals and overpopulation, several stress-inducing ghost shrimp could be a lack of places for hiding or bad water parameters.

Fry Is Weaker Than Ghost Shrimps

Ghost shrimps have claws on their multiple legs, allowing them to swim and attack easily and quickly.

Other parts, such as the antennae and rostrum, may increase their advantage in fry handling.

These shrimps have sharper and bigger claws compared to Amano shrimps. Also, their claws have a more excellent grip.

Ghost shrimps can also propel themselves backward by quickly flexing their tail and abdomen muscles.

Fry and Ghost Shrimp Hide in A Place

Ghost shrimps usually spend most of their time hiding, and fry does the same thing to give shrimp better chances of survival.

As a result, ghost shrimps can come across fries at the same place, and shrimps will take the chance.

The most effective way to mitigate this is to keep them in separate aquariums.

Fry Is Too Young

In the best possible condition, ghost shrimps can reach 2 inches long, while fish fry might be about 1/4 inch long.

So, if you have newborn fry and fully matured ghost shrimps in your tank, chances are your shrimps will kill and eat the fry.

So if you can cull the fish fry yourself, ghost shrimps can help you get the job done to reduce the population.

If you want to raise fries, keeping juvenile fry and mature shrimps in an aquarium will spell trouble.


Do Ghost Shrimps Consume Their Babies?

b&w photo of ghost shrimp

Many aquarists report that their ghost shrimp killed and ate their babies.

Although there is no scientific evidence for this, many believe that ghost shrimps do this to eliminate the weak population, replenish nutrient storage, and because of stress factors.

How Can I Protect Fries From Ghost Shrimps?

The two most accessible and common ways to prevent ghost shrimps from eating fry are using a separate tank and adding some hiding places.

But if you are dealing with an overpopulation issue in your aquarium but cannot cull baby fries, keeping ghost shrimps in your tank will be your best bet.

Can Ghost Shrimp Kill Other Fish?

Although ghost shrimps are not aggressive, they are feeders of opportunity.

This species prefers to swim and walk around feeding on algae and hide when another species approaches them.

So, ghost shrimps typically do not kill other fish.

Do Ghost Shrimps Consume Fish Poop?

Ghost shrimps will consume fish poop if it has broken down into a biofilm.

Also, when the fish poop has decomposed, it will be used as food for algae and plants, which ghost shrimps can also eat.

Will Ghost Shrimp Kill Each Other?

The more aggressive and larger ghost shrimps might scare off the less feisty and smaller ones. But they do not kill each other when this happens.

Ghost shrimps might chase each other but not kill each other, as long as they have enough food and don’t starve.

Which Fry Will Ghost Shrimp Eat?

Some fish keepers and aquarists have reported that their ghost shrimps consumed fry of bettas, guppies, angelfish, mollies, and platys.

Wrapping It Up

Ghost shrimp can consume fry without hesitation, whether it is its fry or another fish fry. So to minimize this and raise the fry, you need to adopt one of two measures or both: Use a separate tank or add several hiding places.

Thank you for reading!