Guppy Bent Spine Treatment – The Best Info In Great Details

Humans are not the only species with scoliosis; all fish can suffer from it, of which guppies are common. Guppy bent spine can appear at birth or develop into adulthood.

Guppies can get this problem at birth or develop into adulthood. It is recognized by the density of curvature in the spine when viewed from above or from the side.

If you are keeping guppies and are worried about body arch syndrome, the following article will provide knowledge about the causes, consequences, and Guppy bent spine treatment.

Guppy Bent Spine Treatment

What Causes Guppy Bent Spine?

Statistically, the two most common reasons for guppies’ scoliosis are fish tuberculosis and scoliosis. The following scoliosis trigger factors also have a significant influence:


Pregnancy is the leading cause of Bent Spine Syndrome in guppies. This is the reason you often see curved spines on female guppies. Since the guppies have to carry more than 30 fries, it adds weight and can cause the spine to become misaligned and bent.


90% of the fry will inherit the disease from a mother with scoliosis. Therefore, when your guppies have scoliosis, do not breed them because there is a high chance of giving birth to fry with a bent spine.


Because guppies do not have a large gene pool, inbreeding will lead to juveniles with spinal deformities. Genetic diversity and inbreeding avoidance are very important factors in preventing curvature of the guppies’ spine.

Poor Diet

Guppies are often kept in fairly crowded aquariums with low oxygen levels and a diet consisting of only dry food, so they can also develop scoliosis.

Give omnivorous guppies a variety of foods, such as high-quality flake food, vegetable pellets, freeze-dried bloodworms, etc. And don’t overfeed them as it can cause problems with their health, especially digestion.

Bad Water Parameters

Poor water is the cause of spine curvature in guppies. Although this is not very common, if the water conditions are not suitable, it is a factor that makes your guppies susceptible to disease. You should test your water regularly to keep the water parameters in the tank in a safe range.

Too Many Guppies In A Tank

If there are too many guppies in your tank, you will have more inbreeding fish. As mentioned earlier, inbreeding is more likely to lead to curvature of the spine than other problems in fish.


They come from regularly spraying household cleaners in the same room as your aquarium. This will often lead to the death of the fish in the tank or tank, leading to common congenital disabilities, including a curved spine. So do not spray chemicals in the room containing your aquarium.

What Causes Guppy Bent Spine?

Guppy Bent Spine Treatment 

There is no cure for fish scoliosis and tuberculosis for fish; then gentle death is the best option.

In case the disease is not very severe, and the fish can still swim without pain, they can still live normally. In addition, if there are fish struggling, biting, causing further injury and infection, low quality of life, and then humanely culled.

Currently, some methods of killing fish are considered inhumane and should be eliminated, such as trying to freeze fish or submerging them in cold water, flushing fish down the toilet, boiling or suffocating them, etc. A better method is to add clove oil to the aquarium.

In high concentrations, clove oil has a soothing effect on most fish. If added to the water in the correct dose will make your fish unconscious, stop breathing, and cause hypoxia, causing the fish to die in about 10 minutes. When doing this, ensure to wear full protective equipment because the disease can be transmitted to people through wounds or scratches.

Guppy Bent Spine

How To Prevent Our Guppies From Bent Spines? 

A bent spine is a common and very serious condition. You need to have enough knowledge to prevent your guppies from curvature syndrome in the following ways:

Quarantine New Fish Before Adding Them To The Tank

Before adding new fish to the tank, it is important to quarantine any new fish for the previous 3-4 weeks as they can become infected with diseases such as fish tuberculosis, which can cause your guppies to become bent spine. So make sure to quarantine new fish in a separate tank for a few weeks before adding them to your guppies.

Provide Your Guppy A Good Water Condition To Live

An adequate water supply for your guppies is essential to keep them safe from stress, infections, and certain diseases. This species of fish love to live in clean water; if water conditions are insufficient, they can become stressed. 

You should provide your guppies with stable water parameters and good water conditions. Specifically, for guppies, the suitable water temperature is 72-82°F, and the pH of the water is 6.8-7.8. Regular water changes will keep the aquarium water clean, and your guppies will live happily ever after.

Feed Your Guppy Adequately

Guppies are omnivorous fish, and meat and vegetables are an essential part of their daily diet. You can refer to the following food amounts for your guppies:

Food Serving Quantity No of Times
Veggie pellets One pinch at a time 2-3 times a day
Brine shrimps One pinch at a time 1-2 times a week
Bloodworm One pinch at a time 1-2 times a week
Tubifex worm One pinch at a time 1 time a week
Mosquito larvae 10-15 pieces 2-3 times a week

Or you can create homemade treats for your guppies. Providing nutritious food for guppies is essential to keep them healthy and avoid the risk of certain diseases.

Don’t Overstock Your Guppy Aquarium

Stocking too many fish can cause a lack of oxygen in your guppy’s tank. Guppies tanks will also quickly get dirty due to overcrowding. This condition can cause your guppies to suffer from several diseases, especially scoliosis and fish tuberculosis.


Have you known how Guppy bent spine treatment is? Most cases of curved spine or tuberculosis are preventable. So to prevent guppy bent spine scoliosis, find your guppies from a reputable source, ensure that your fish are always kept in optimal condition, and isolate new fish for the first 3-4 weeks if you want to add them to your guppy aquarium.