What Are The Best Homemade Betta Fish Toys? Easy DIY Tasks

We know you can be a good fishkeeper that takes the best care of your betta’s living conditions, diet, water temperature, and more. But do you know that these are still insufficient for the fish’s healthy and quick growth? 

Like any human, fish needs a little bit of entertainment to keep stress and pressure at bay. It doesn’t have to be expensive; you can utilize some common, unused items easily found around the household!

This article will dive further into this matter and recommend some wonderful homemade betta fish toys for your pet fish. Keep scrolling for more verdicts and recommendations! 

What Are The Best Homemade Betta Fish Toys

This list will gladly introduce some amazing toy options for your fish. As previously stated, they are easy to make/plant at home;  and even if you are not confident in your handcraft, buying them from stores at a low price is a piece of cake! 

1. Live Plants

Like most fish, bettas like live plants and can spend most of their day playing hide-and-seek among the roots and leaves. Hence, consider planting and setting up aquatic bushes at home for your betta tank!  

The most common choice is leafy ones (like floating water lettuce or java ferns), whose roots are extended long enough to give the betta ample playing space. If tummy aches or exhaustion arrives, your fish can nibble the plants as a snack or additional fiber! 

Aside from serving as a playing space, the plants also offer mental stimulation and safe hiding places – which is terrific if fights/conflicts among the tank inhabitants unexpectedly occur.

2. Almond Leaves

The tank’s bottom is also something you should pay close attention to; the right substrates can provide endless hours of joy and free entertainment for your precious betta! Experts recommend littering some dried almond leaves, giving the fish natural spaces for rest and hide. 

And during their playtime, the bettas can roll their bodies in these leaves (like how children mess around with the gold leaves in autumn) or move them to create a “fort.” 

3. Toy Logs and Caves

coconut husk

Other toys that suit your fish include coconut husks (that can convert into a cave) or pieces of driftwood for hide-and-seek games. The fish might also play peek-a-boo, sticking its face out and retreating when the owners get close.

Whether using items from the forest/nature or bought from grocery stores is fine, given that you disinfect and clean them first using cleaners safe for bettas. 

For those wanting to drill holes into these husks and logs, ensure the rough parts are filed down, leaving no sharp edge! Otherwise, the fish’s fins might get hurt. 

And what if you cannot create these toys yourself? No worries; online stores have tons of premade options to choose from. Certain aquarium stores even provide holed toy logs with their tanks for your betta to duck out and in.

4. Mirrors

Do you know that mirrors can be wonderful pastimes for your fish? For instance, using small handheld mirrors is a good idea; your fish will become excited seeing its reflection and think he has a new tank mate.

You can give him some exercise that way, as he tries to greet this “new fish” by swimming aggressively and flaring the fins. 

Nevertheless, you must remember to remove those mirrors after several minutes. Otherwise, your betta might plunge into the glass to attack itself! 

Also, only use mirrors from time to time. Some fish are quite protective of their territory, so the constant appearance of a new “rival” might give them major stress.

5. Post-It Notes

Post-It Notes

As most studies point out, bettas are drawn to vibrant and bright colors. That’s why placing neon notes on the tank’s side can attract their attention. These fish will excitedly investigate the papers and wave their fins in response!

Of course, besides traditional notes, you may also utilize cutouts (or anything brightly colored) to entertain them. Try to change those “backdrops” as frequently as possible; the betta will get super invested every time a new scene and color pops up! 

6. Ping Pong

Have you recently stumbled on some unused balls in the garage or basement? Yes? Then it’s time to convert them into toys for the fish! Or else, purchasing brand-new ones is also alright; they are accessible and very cheap, demanding little of your budget! 

One popular method is placing the balls on the water’s surface so your fish can nip and play with them. In the case of used/old balls, wash them carefully before throwing them into the aquariums!


1. Should I Use Lasers As Betta Toys?


At first, lasers seem like a terrific toy option for these sea creatures. Unfortunately, scientists have pointed out that they are unsafe for the eyes (both humans and animals like fish, cats, and dogs). 

Also, no studies or experiments have proven that lasers correlate with betta’s satisfaction. The truth might be the opposite: lasers’ constantly blinking lights stimulate the urge to hunt and fight, putting the fish under never-ending stress!

Thus, although some professionals and aquarium websites DO recommend lasers, we think you should take caution and avoid using them. There might be certain fish with which lasers can work well, but such a sentiment is hard to confirm.

2. Is It Possible to Make Bettas Entertained Without Any Toy?

Yes – though it’s not an easy feat since that requires patience/training. 

For instance, you may train the pet to recognize and follow your fingers around. Another way is to form your thumb and index finger into a circle and teach smaller bettas to jump through it. 


Our insightful article has recommended wonderful homemade betta fish toys. They are easy to craft and cheap, requiring little to no money. Remember to scrub old objects clean of dirt and grimes, and you are good to go!