How Many Zebra Danios In A 5-Gallon Tank Are Enough? Find Out The Answer!

Zebra danios are native to the freshwater streams, lakes, and rivers in Eastern countries. They are mostly found in Bangladesh, Bhutan, and India, where the slow-flowing bodies of water are plentiful.

Given their hardiness and low maintenance, it should be no surprise why zebra danios are popular among aquarists.

But at home, how many zebra danios in a 5-gallon tank are enough? If you have yet to know the ideal number, keep scrolling and read the answer for yourself!

How Many Zebra Danios In A 5-Gallon Tank

While zebra danios are not exactly the biggest fish for a home tank, they surely still take up lots of space inside an aquarium. Thus, a 5-gallon tank should only be home to 2 to 3 zebra danios.

If you want to have a larger school, you will need to switch to a 10-gallon tank. Otherwise, your fish will be cramped inside.

Zebra Danios – What You Need To Know

Zebra danios tank size

What size tank do zebra danios need? If you ever find yourself wondering about this, the answer depends heavily on how many fish you wish to keep at home.

Usually, a 10-gallon tank is required for a school of 4 to 5 zebra danios. But if you only have a 5-gallon tank at your disposal, you will have to make do with 2 or fewer fish.

Zebra danios temperature

Zebra danios originate from tropical and subtropical lands. Therefore, they prefer to stay away from the heat and high temperatures. A temperature range from 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit would work best if you want your fish to live comfortably.

However, during the spawning season, zebra danios are more tolerant of heat. Here, make sure the tank’s water is slightly warm at roughly 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Zebra danios habitat

In the wild, zebra danios enjoy swimming with little or no water flow at all. They are also a fan of densely vegetated areas, which provide a good hiding spot and playgrounds.

Mimicking the natural environment for your danios should be easy enough, as you only have to put in as many plants as possible. Remember to remove the water filters or set them to a minimum so that they do not disturb the water currents.

Zebra danios temperament

Zebra danios are known for their calm and peaceful temperament. They rarely engage in fights and fin-nipping battles. But that does not mean that zebra danios are boring.

On the contrary, these animals are lively and playful. During the day, you will see zebra danios chasing each other for fun and swimming around enthusiastically.

Zebra danios appearances

All danios stand out with their elongated bodies. But for zebra danios, in particular, the long stripes running from the mouth to the tail will tell them apart. Sometimes, the stripes are in blue and gold. Other times, they are silvery white.

As for the bodies, zebra danios come in a wide range of shades. You can spot purple, pink, black, green, and even blue danios!

Zebra danios lifespan

Zebra danios can live anywhere from 2 to 5 years. Usually, if the conditions are favorable, these animals will enjoy a higher expectancy. But if not, zebra danios can die within the first few months after being introduced to your tank.

Zebra danios diet

Wild zebra danios are indiscriminate when it comes to eating. They take in both protein-rich food and plant matter, ranging from mosquito larvae and worms to lava and leaves.

Thus, it makes sense that you strive for a similarly balanced diet for captured zebra danios. If you do not have access to the aforementioned food, feel free to replace them with more popular options, such as frozen pellets or freshly cut veggies.

Zebra danios should be fed twice a day, and each session should not last longer than 2 minutes. Once you have finished feeding them, do not forget to throw away the leftovers. This helps keep your tank clean and prevents it from dissolving into the water.


1. Can I have just one zebra danio?

Not really. Zebra danios are schooling fish. This means that they only do well when they get to share the same living space with a group. You do not have to go for too many individuals. Even a simple pair of zebra danios will suffice.

If you still insist on having one zebra danio, be prepared to handle its spiking stress levels. When kept alone, a zebra danio tends to be restless and frustrated. The lack of friends will affect its mental and physical well-being, thus compromising its life expectancy.

2. How many danios should live together?

It is recommended that a school of at least 5 zebra danios is enough. That said, not all aquarists can afford a medium-sized tank to host that many fish. In this case, try to have about 3 individuals. This number is not ideal, but it is still way better than leaving your fish alone and unattended.

3. Do zebra danios need a bubbler?

Yes. Having a bubbler or an air pump inside your home tank will be helpful for zebra danios. Given how active and playful these animals are, it is no surprise why they call for a much larger oxygen supply.

4. Do zebra danios need a heater?

In most cases, no. But if the temperature drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, consider using a heat lamp or wrapping the tank with towels to prevent a temperature shock for your fish.


How many zebra danios in a 5-gallon tank are enough? The answer is 2! Make sure to stick with this recommended ratio, or else you will find your fish being cramped and uncomfortable. Remember, the more space zebra danios have, the higher chance they stand of living for years.