How to Tell if Gold Ram Cichlid Is Male or Female?

Gold ram cichlid is among the best-known cichlids in its various colors. These animals are ideal for beginner aquarists because of their beautiful colors, peaceful nature, and ease of maintenance.

Today, we will provide all the information needed to keep this fish, including gold ram cichlid male or female, how to keep them in your tank, their natural properties, etc. Let’s get into the details right now!

How to Tell if Gold Ram Cichlid Is Male or Female?

The males are usually darker with longer dorsal fins. Meanwhile, females are paler, and their dorsal fins do not trail up to a point like the males.

In addition, females feature a rounded shape to their bellies, from their pelvic fin, under the anal fin up to their tail. Meanwhile, males have more flat bellies and are angled from the anal fin to their tails.

Also, the females will develop a reddish or pink abdomen while they mature, which could be another sign for you!

Gold Ram Cichlid’s Natural Properties


The average lifespan of a gold ram, including individuals in captivity, is typically three years. But gold rams can live longer, up to four years, in proper captivity.

So if you want your gold rams to live as long as possible, it is essential to provide them with ideal habitats and take proper care of them.


These small-sized animals have egg-shaped and pointed bodies. Their maximum body length ranges from 3 to 4 inches (7.6 to 10.2 cm).

But in most captivity, gold ram cichlids only reach 2 inches long because of more density and limited space.

You can expect these fish to get a bit longer if you keep them in a larger tank with the proper water conditions.


gold ram cichlid

Gold rams are peaceful species

Gold ram fish is a peaceful species. As a result, they are the perfect addition to a peaceful community aquarium.

However, they can sometimes be aggressive if other members or smaller species try to get into entering the “No entry” area.


As its name suggests, this fish is yellow or golden colored with light shades of red or orange more clearly in the front of its head and eyes.

One thing that makes these fish stand out is the iridescent blue dots along the sparkling lower half of their body and fins.

Their fins feature spiny rays and are bristly. Moreover, these fins are sharp and spiky, keeping the predators away from gold rams.

How to Keep Gold Ram Cichlid in Your Tank?

Proper Tank Mates

Pick the proper mates is essential for any fish, and gold ram cichlids are no exception. The key is to avoid aggressive and large omnivorous species.

The best option is the docile species that have the same size as gold rams and aren’t quick in approaching the food.

Here are some tank mates that match well with your gold rams:

  • Pencilfish
  • Rose Danio
  • Blue Danio
  • Cardinal Tetras
  • Harle Rasbora


We recommend keeping your aquarium temperature between 72°F and 84°F.

Anything in this range would be okay, but its middle or upper level will be more favored. Also, the higher levels within that temperature range are ideal for promoting spawning.


couple of gold rams

Gold ram fish is very hardy, making taking care of them easy

Gold rams are very hardy, so general care is easy. Gold rams are ideal for new aquarists as they are very hardy, soft temperament, and have sparkling beauty.

Despite their robust nature, you will still need to focus on the water quality.

Gold rams are not hardy enough against poor-quality water. In addition, they’re sensitive to ammonia and chemicals in tank water.

So we recommend doing a 15% water change each week to reduce toxins.

You should also use the under gravel filter to suck down dead algae and uneaten food, which leads to the rise of nitrate levels.


We recommend feeding your gold rams a combination of frozen and meaty live foods, including brine shrimp, Mysis shrimp, blood worms, and earthworms.

Feeding twice per day is fine, but not enough. The key is to avoid overfeeding your gold rams and not deplete their balanced nutrition.

Tank Size

Ten gallons is the ideal tank size for one gold ram. But leaving this fish alone is not wise as it is more likely to be stressed because of being alone.

Therefore, you should keep at least two gold rams in your aquarium, increasing the aquarium size to 20 gallons.


How Many Golden Rams Can You Keep Together?

You can keep as many gold rams as you want, as long as you make sure your aquarium provides enough space for them.

Always remember the general rule that each pair of gold rams requires 20 gallons (or 75.7 L).

How Big Can Gold Ram Cichlids get?

Gold ram cichlids can grow up to about 3 to 4 inches (or 7.6 to 10.2 cm) when fully grown.

Are Ram Cichlids Aggressive?

No. Ram cichlids are good-looking, small, and peaceful fish (non-aggressive), making them a popular choice for tropical freshwater community aquariums.

Can Ram Cichlids Live With Guppies?

While many cichlids are notorious for their aggression, ram cichlids make good companions for guppies.

They are much more peaceful than their larger relatives and can benefit from guppy companions.

Where Do Gold Rams Come From?

The Golden rams, or the Gold rams, inhabit mainly the Orinoco river basins in South America.

The Bottom Line

We have just provided you with essential information about gold ram cichlids.

Hopefully, this information is helpful to you. Let us know your stories and questions in the comments. Thanks for your time!