Ich On Neon Tetra: Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

It makes sense why so many aquarium hobbyists have Neon Tetras in a communal tank.

These aquatic creatures make a lovely accent to any aquarium. In addition, they are calm and straightforward to maintain.

However, they are also vulnerable to ich, a parasite ailment caused by an organism called a protozoan.

If you are a first-time aquarist, detecting and treating ‘Ich on Neon Tetra’ may be challenging. Let’s delve into this post to know the treatments!

What Is Ich On Fish?

While ich is among the most popular illnesses in freshwater Neon Tetra, it is primarily curable and preventive.

What is ich? A parasitic infection develops on the fins, gills, or even the whole fish body.

Your sick pets will eventually perish if you don’t know how to address this illness.

This infection can quickly spread from one aquarium to another by fish, plants, decorations, invertebrates, or maintenance tools like nets or a gravel vacuum.

These parasitic protozoa are tiny. If you want to detect them, you may need a microscope. However, it’s easy to see this parasite on your pets.

If discovered early, this disease is easily curable, and most Neon Tetra recovers entirely.

The life cycle of this parasite with four stages distinguishes it from other fish infections. Let’s take a closer look!

Stage 1: Parasite

Fish become engulfed by this parasite, which irritates them by feasting on their skin. It makes a wound when it penetrates your pet’s flesh.

Stage 2: Intermediate

When the parasite reaches maturity, it emerges from the white coat and floats around in search of a solid surface to adhere to.

Your Neon Tetra’s wound is left uncovered when the white shell covering it breaks off. Infections or fungi are likely to affect your pets in this phase.

Stage 3: Reproduction

The parasite, an egg, wraps itself within a tomont after reaching the substrate of your aquarium.

The parasite splits into hundreds or perhaps thousands of theronts inside its egg.

Stage 4: Infection

Once the egg breaks, the theronts appear in the tank water. They freely swim around in search of fish to bury themselves in.

Another life cycle of the parasite takes place.

Overview of the parasite

What Are The Symptoms Of Ich On Neon Tetra?

If you are inexperienced in keeping these aquatic creatures, detecting this parasite may be challenging.

Here are common symptoms if your pets get infected with this infection:

White Spots

The easiest way to identify an ich infection in your neon tetra will probably be the white patches on its body.

The spots might be as little as a pinprick or as large as a sugar grain.

Your fish might have a few dots on the first day of detection, but they might have tripled the following day.

Sudden Death

The most common reason for unexpected fish death is ich.

If you discover that many aquatic creatures are dying suddenly, parasitic infection is probably to blame.

This disease may result in a 100 percent fatality rate if left untreated.


If you see your pets rubbing against objects in the aquarium, it could be doing so to scratch an itchy, unpleasant itch brought on by the infection.

Your Neon Tetra can start to lose its scales due to scratching, which might signify this disease.

Surface Swimming

Your pets may have breathing problems if this parasite seeps into their gills, which may force them to swim on the surface to get more oxygen.

Typical symptoms

Why Do Your Neon Tetras Get Ich?

Why do Neon Tetras get ich? Below are the primary reasons to consider:

Lack Of New Fish Quarantine

The most frequent reason is neglecting to quarantine new fish additions before putting them in your tank.

Even if your neon tetras don’t have any white spots, it’s still a good idea to isolate them before moving them to community tanks.

Fish can transmit this infection in latent phases, and symptoms might not appear until they come into contact with other species.

Immune System Dysfunction

Though it’s not a causative factor, a fish’s weak immune system increases the chance that it may contract this parasite.

Equipment With Poor Sanitation

Both fish and surfaces can transmit this parasite.

It’s crucial to wholly and regularly sterilize your tank, especially when introducing additional decorations or filters.

How do you get rid of fish ich? Keep reading to bring practical solutions!

Common causes

How To Treat Ich On Neon Tetra?

How do you treat tropical fish with ich? Let’s check the following solutions:

Check The Quality Of Your Water.

When battling this disease, you need your tank water to be clean to get the best effects possible, just like with any other sickness.

It’s better to use a high-quality tank test kit to check the water in your aquarium regularly. When testing the water, remember to check the following elements:

If you are new to this field, let’s watch this video to learn more about related concepts:


Aside from helping your fish heal more quickly, good water quality might also alter how some anti-Ich drugs affect your pets.

Provide Your Fish Food.

Many parasite-affected fish are hesitant to eat. It’s not the best situation while attempting to recover your fish.

If your neon tetras don’t consume food, they will weaken and have a lower chance of winning the fight against this parasite.

Increase The Temperature Of Your Tank.

Another solution to save your pets is to increase the temperature of your tank to 86˚F.

However, fish may get a temperature shock if you increase the temperature too quickly.

Therefore, gradually raise the water temperature in your aquarium by 2°F every hour rather than bringing it up to 86°F immediately.

It’s best to use a reliable aquarium thermometer to monitor the water temperature frequently to avoid overheating your pets.

Apply Ich Medication.

The last permanent solution is to apply medication to your Neon Tetra tank.

Here are some medication recommendations you can consider:

  • Seachem ParaGuard
  • Ich-X
  • Aquarium Salt

When administering medicine, carefully follow the guidelines and keep a close eye on your pets for the first 2 hours.

If you detect any adverse effects, change the water immediately and stop using the medication.

Wrapping Up

This article has shown you helpful information about ‘Ich on Neon Tetra’ regarding symptoms, causes, and treatments.

If your fish suffer from this parasite infection, it’s best to keep calm and try all our solutions. If you have other questions, leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading this post!