Mystery Snail Calcium Deficiency: The Best Solutions

Most living organisms require calcium as a vital mineral. Strong teeth and bones need this nutrient to grow healthy.

It’s intriguing to learn that mystery snails-toothless and lacking bones—also require this substance to stay healthy.

The supplement in the water and food you give mystery snails is essential.

If you detect mystery snail calcium deficiency in your pets, you should find a way to increase this nutrient for them.

Let’s scroll down this article to get some helpful tips!

The Source Of Calcium For Mystery Snails

Mystery snails frequently live in calcium-rich, pH-friendly settings in nature.

Nevertheless, this group of gastropods seems to struggle a little more in captivity conditions.

For this reason, anyone who keeps mystery snails must ensure their pets have access to enough materials that are high in this nutrient.

The following are two of the most straightforward sources to give your snails this supplement.


Foods high in this supplement assist in guaranteeing that your snails have adequate nutrients.

Cuttlebone is an excellent source and is the most efficient and convenient way to add this nutrient to your pets.

Also, it is best to feed them foods high in this supplement like kale, leaf lettuce, zucchini, and soybeans since they will support the health of the shell.

Common vegetables like cabbage and basil are also good in supplying the supplement to your aquarium.


Water is an additional good source for your snails. It might be challenging to get enough nutrients in the water.

However, it is among the most excellent mineral sources for your mystery snails in captivity.

Water mineralization is the most outstanding technique to keep the supplement content and pH balance in this form of provision.

mystery snail on rocks

The common sources of the nutrient

Mystery Snail Calcium Deficiency: Causes & Sequences

The main culprit of mystery snail calcium deficiency is the lack of this substance in food and water.

As shared earlier, this supplement is necessary for snail shells to be stronger. Calcium carbonate makes up around 95% of their body.

Compared to prawns, snails have an even greater requirement for this nutrient.

Intake of this substance that is consistent and enough maintains the shells sturdy and enables the animals to escape predators.

Additionally, these creatures require a hard shell to keep their inside organs always protected and safe.

The robust shells feature 2 to 5 calcified layers, providing the possible covering and defense.

Their delicate bodies encase themselves in the hard shells whenever attackers strike, keeping them protected.

Some shell problems may be beginning to emerge in snails lacking this supplement.

The most typical symptoms of calcium shortage include holes, white tint, and worn or broken shells.

When you observe these symptoms, you should provide snails with foods that are rich in this substance.

Tips For Adding Calcium To Mystery Snail’s Diet

You now understand the significance of this substance for your mystery snails. So, it’s best to know how to provide your pets with this nutrient in the aquarium.

Check The Calcium Level In Your Mystery Snail Tank

For the water to remain balanced, it is essential to determine the required amount of this substance.

Inadequate levels of this supplement might cause the snail shell to deteriorate in the tank water.

Besides, it’s also essential to check the pH, kH, TDS, and GH levels to ensure the aquarium’s water is suitable for this species.

Investing in a test kit is the best approach to finding out how much this supplement is in the environment.

The ideal level is between 400 and 450 ppm. If your test kit doesn’t show this parameter, it’s time to add this nutrient to the tank.

mystery snail on wood

Check the level of the substance

Add Calcium Supplements

The market offers various supplements for these creatures. However, it’s better to find pure supplies for your mysterious snails if you can.

Whatever you use must be nutritious and include additional nutrients.

These supplements from stores are frequently simpler to absorb, making them an excellent option for your pets.

Add Calcium To The Tank

Before adding this nutrient to the aquarium, ensure you change the water regularly.

Routine water changes can maintain an adequate amount of the substance depending on how hard the water is.

Changing roughly 25 percent of the water every two weeks is optimal to ensure a proper level.

It’s time to add this supplement to your tank! Below are the sources you can use to increase the levels of this supplement in your aquarium:


These giant cuttlefish’s internal shells are an excellent alternative for adding the supplement to the aquarium because they have 85% of this nutrient.

They are readily accessible, reasonably priced, and dissolve in tank water.


Corals not only give your pets the right amount of this supplement but also perform a fantastic job of beautifying your aquarium.

Boiled Chicken Eggshells

Due to its high calcium carbonate content—98%—chicken eggshell is the perfect material for water mineralization.

Calcium Reactor

These reactors support the regulation of magnesium and alkalinity levels apart from this substance.

You can place this equipment next to the tank’s sump. It absorbs CO2 and breaks down carbonate to liberate minerals.


Add cuttlebones


What Happens If Snails Don’t Get Enough Calcium?

A thin and weak shell might form due to a deficiency of this substance.

What Can I Feed My Mystery Snail For Calcium?

Below are some foods you can feed your pets to boost this nutrient:

  • Chicken eggshells
  • Cuttlefish bones
  • Tums
  • Mineral blocks
  • Crushed corals
  • Food supplements
  • Junkie pearls
  • Crab Cuisine

How Often Should I Feed My Snail Calcium?

You can feed them once to twice a week.

Can Snails Get Calcium From Shells?

Yes! So you can feed them eggshells.

Can You Overfeed Mystery Snails?

Snails can only consume too much substance if people add it to their diet and saturate the soil.

Otherwise, these creatures will know how much nutrients they need.

In A Nutshell

After learning about mystery snail calcium deficiency, you know what you should do to save your pets.

The best solution to enhance this nutrient for these creatures is to give them nutritious foods or add this mineral to the water in their tank.

Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you. If you have further questions, please comment below to let us know.

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