Why Is The Nerite Snail Not Moving? 6 Causes & 5 Solutions

Nerite snails are beneficial for the ornamental aquarium’s decoration and spotless condition. However, since this creature is too small, it’s hard for aquarium owners to find out the reasons for the Nerite snail not moving

Is the snail dead? Does it just stay there sleeping? Or, does something wrong happen without your awareness? The article will give you all the fundamental information about the matter.

Why Is The Nerite Snail Not Moving?

#1 Improper Water

Nerite snails have a considerable level of sensitivity when they interact with water from the aquarium. Whenever the ratios of internal and external elements in water change, Nerite snails will quickly recognize and respond to even the faintest modification in water quality.

Nerite Snails on rock

The fish can’t nourish in the terrible quality water condition, and Nerite snails can’t, either. Scientific reports have shown that Nerite snails are more sensitive to water conditions than fish, and there haven’t been official statements that these snails can survive longer than fish in poor-quality water.

The risk of Nerite snails getting sick when living in improper water is significant. Consequently, if you let the situation happen for a long time, your snails will be dead and not moving anymore.

#2 Unsuitable Level Of Nitrites Or Ammonia

The Nerite snail’s activeness sometimes depends on the level of ammonia and nitrites in the aquarium water. These chemicals will pose a threat to the nitrogen cycle in the tank and the well-being of Nerite snails, especially when the amount goes beyond 20 mg/L. 

#3 Food Shortage 

Starvation can lead to the Nerite snail’s rare movement. Snails, like any other creature on Earth, must consume food to absorb nutrition for their existence. Hence, a lack of food means a lack of nutrition. Nerite snails will stay still if they don’t have efficient nutrition for their living.

The number of fish, algae, and plants will affect the amount of food for Nerite snails. The reason is that snails take other creatures’ leftovers as their food.

#4 Inappropriate pH

The optimal pH for the stable survival of Nerite snails is 8.0. A sudden change or an unstable condition in pH level can result in their death.

Nerite Snail Not Moving

#5 Maybe, Nerite Snails Are Sleeping

You may overestimate the situation. Nerite snails can sleep for up to two days in a random spot inside the aquarium. Therefore, if you notice they are stationary or are absent from your vision, they may sleep somewhere. 

We will share how to tell the difference between the sleeping and dead status of Nerite snails in the later section of this article.

#6 Increase In Toxins

You should check for the appearance of toxins, like chloramine, copper, or lead, in water. Before these harmful chemicals can kill the Nerite snails, they will deteriorate the snails’ health gradually. And the stop of moving may be a sign for the snails affected by the toxins.

Solutions To Your Nerite Snail Not Moving

#1 Change The Environment Inside The Aquarium

The essence of water quality to Nerite snails is like the importance of oxygen to us. For this reason, you have to adjust the water condition to be suitable for the snails. There are some primary points you should focus on:

  • Parameters: Free of nitrites and ammonia, from 8.1 to 8.4 pH, from 72-78 degrees F.
  • Tank size: one gallon is recommended.
  • Other neighbor creatures: calm fishes and other friendly creatures.

#2 Regular Maintenance

Waste from other creatures or dead organisms is the cause of a rise in toxins inside the tank. Therefore, you should take out these contaminants to maintain a healthy environment for the Nerite snails. 

Moreover, you need to change the water once a week to keep a spotless condition. If the water change consumes more time than expected, you can rely on some water conditioners.

Nerite Snail

#3 Suitably Feeding The Nerite Snails

Fortunately, Nerite snails are easy-eating creatures, so you can effortlessly find proper food sources for them. Their favorite food is algae, but you can opt for some alternatives, such as vegetables or plants. 

#4 Put In Some Plants

Plants will play as a playground and the food source for the Nerite snails. The reason for these snails’ not moving can be the lack of spots for them to move to. 

Hence, they may get bored and sleep for days. The plants will promote the Nerite snails to be active for their food.

#5 Appropriate Acclimation

You should handle the acclimation process appropriately, or else the Nerite snails may be deceased before they can get accustomed to a new life in your aquarium. 

Firstly, you should keep the snails in a bag containing water from their current habitat. Then, place the bag in the aquarium water and gradually let the aquarium water flow into the bag.


#1 Does A Nerite Snail Hibernate?

Nerite snails will hibernate when they suffer from tough living conditions, like a significant reduction in temperature or lack of food. Hibernation helps them save up energy for their survival, so they may occasionally take advantage of this habit.

#2 How Long Can A Nerite Snail Stay Unmoved?

A Nerite snail can stay in a fixed position for up to three days. For this reason, you shouldn’t get worried.

#3 How To Tell A Dead Nerite Snail And Not Moving One Apart?

  • You need to smell the snail’s shell. If it stinks, your snail is dead.
  • An open trapdoor indicates that the snail is dead.
  • An extremely light shell shows a sign of a dead Nerite snail.
  • When the snail’s body doesn’t stay inside the shell, the snail may be dead.
  • If the snail’s body is invisible when you look at the shell’s inner, its life might come to an end.

snail's shell

Bottom Lines

Many causes result in the situation of the Nerite snail not moving. Now, you have learned all of these possible reasons, along with some potential solutions to the issues. These snails will be an impressive ornament for your aquarium if you look after them properly.