Catfish in aquariums are creatures that primarily spend their days lazing around on the tank substrate, so you might not give them much attention.

However, you’re undoubtedly attracted by this sort of fish’s nighttime activities, which can involve some weird mating behavior.

Are Otocinclus male or female? Let’s scroll down this article to learn how to distinguish the gender of this catfish species!

Are Otocinclus Male Or Female?

Once mostly mature, the smaller, thinner males are simple to identify.

In addition, the females are slightly larger with significantly heavier bodies than the males. Especially they swell with eggs that look like small tadpoles.

As we know, Otocinclus, also called Oto, belongs to the tropical fish genus in the Loricariidae family with relatives like Common Pleco and Sailfin.

These catfish are a common type due to their insatiable taste for algae.

Like Cory catfish, they are schooling fish, so they can get on well with each other in a community tank.

They are more desirable for a tank setting because of their modest size and daily activity.

These catfish have nearly the exact color sizes and patterns, making it difficult to distinguish between the genders.

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Therefore, they are among the most challenging species to breed. How to tell if an Otocinclus is male or female?

Male and female Otocinclus have similar appearances as juveniles.

When these catfish achieve sexual maturity, females enlarge and spread out more than males.

When a female is ready to spawn, she is formed like a froglet and is packed with eggs.

The smaller, thinner males are simple to identify. They are the ones fighting to get near the giant female.

When spawning conditions are favorable, they shove opponents to one side and pursue the female Otocinclus around the aquarium.

Additionally, you can tell them apart by looking at their genital area.

The sex organs of male and female Otocinclus come in various sizes, colors, forms, and overall appearances.

The genital papilla of Otocinclus males features modified denticle rows also called odontoids.

The sex organ of females tends to be bigger and more vivid than male catfish.

Oto catfish

Oto catfish

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How To Breed Otocinclus?

In captivity, it is challenging to breed these catfish. They require specific criteria for a breeding process to be effective.

For instance, you must consider various elements such as water temperature, hardness, pH levels, or lighting.

The moment to consider breeding has come when the male Otocinclus begins pursuing the female one around the aquarium.

If this case happens, let’s follow these tips:

Choose Otocinclus

As shared earlier, it’s challenging to distinguish between a male and a female before introducing them to the breed tank.

Let’s scroll up to get some tips. Remember that the female Otocinclus are bigger than males.

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Set Up Aquarium Conditions

Giving your fish the proper environment is essential for successful reproduction.

It’s best to breed these creatures in a plant aquarium with algae, a warm temperature, and neutral water.

Temperatures must be high (78-84℉), and pH levels must be within the optimal range (6-7.0).

Because these creatures gather in schools in nature, you should consider the numbers before breeding them.

How many Otocinclus catfish should be kept together?

It’s improbable that a school of three will spawn. 6 Otocinclus have a greater chance, and 12 is much better.

Ensure the ratio between male and female is 1:1 with three females or more in your tank.

Having more males is acceptable because these fish may be competitive but not aggressive.

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Create A Rainy Season Environment

These catfish often spawn in the rainy season in nature. A drastic 50 to 75 percent water change may trigger spawning in healthy well-conditioned fry.

However, ensure the water is best suited to the conditions of the current tank, including hardness, temperature, and pH level, to avoid a shock.

Create the ideal tank conditions

Leave Your Otocinclus Lay Eggs

When the female shows signs of being ready to lay eggs, the males will compete to be the first to fertilize.

The nearest guy will instantly encircle her body and fertilize them. That’s Otocinclus breeding behavior!

A female can lay between 20 and 60 eggs during a breeding session. These catfish may spawn at any time during the day.

Instead of spreading them among weedy clumps or inside caves, they deposit their babies on the plant leaves in the tank.

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Care For Otocinclus Fry

The fry mainly lives in biofilms. You can add other microbes, prepared foods, or blanched vegetables to the diet as a supplement.

Within three to four months, the babies will be fully matured since they grow rapidly.

Otocinclus Care Guides

If you want to make sure your fish are healthy before breeding them, consider the following care guides:

Tank Specifications

A 10-gallon tank will be the minimum needed for these catfish. It’s best to keep these creatures in a school. Otherwise, they may get emotional stress.

These fish prefer rectangular tanks because they enhance the water’s surface area.

Tank specifications

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Tank Landscape

This species doesn’t eat aquarium plants. They acclimate by affixing themselves to soils and rocks.

Adding appropriate plants like Anubias or Echinodorus and other lifeless natural elements to your aquarium is an intelligent idea.

Water Parameters

The best water conditions should be between 75 and 82 °F. Always ensure the water temperature is stable to avoid shock.

Besides, these freshwater fish prefer to live in streams with slow-flowing water.

These catfish live in warm water with a pH of around 7, which is neutral.


These creatures are freshwater herbivores. They prefer algae, so you can add fresh veggies like spinach to your tank.

Moreover, feeding these catfish once a day would be best to ensure they get a healthy diet. Also, remember to remove leftover food from the aquarium.

You can click on this video to learn more about the proper diet for this species:

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Tank Mates

You shouldn’t add any predatory or aggressive species because they are tiny and easily caught by other creatures.

These fish can live peacefully with many other species such as rasboras, mollies, barbs, tetras, snails, or shrimp.


Ideal tank mates

Final Thoughts

Are Otocinclus male or female? After reading this post, it’s not hard to distinguish the two genders in this species.

The females are often thinner and smaller than the males. Otherwise, you can check their genital area with our tips.

Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading!

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