Pregnant Fancy Guppy: Common Signs You Should Know

Due to their vibrant colors and engaging personality, fancy guppies are among the most well-liked fish in the aquarist community.

If you keep some of these aquatic creatures, you know that you may constantly be expecting Guppy babies.

How to tell if your fish is pregnant? Learning about the signs of the pregnant Fancy Guppy is not challenging with our tips.

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Pregnant Fancy Guppy: Common Signs

Guppy fish, famous livebearers, have a propensity for continuous reproduction when the conditions are favorable.

There are several symptoms that a female guppy is pregnant. The symptoms of many illnesses might, however, be identical.

Thus, it’s simple to mistake unwell guppies for those expecting. Below is how to determine whether your fish is healthy and pregnant.


Observing the mating behavior in person is among the simplest methods to be sure that your Guppy is pregnant.

Guppies don’t hesitate to reproduce. Guppies are more adaptable than other species, which need perfect environmental factors and water conditions.

Mating behavior will likely take place without any external assistance if you put females and males into the same aquarium.

How to know if it’s Guppies mating behavior? Remember that this species belongs to the livebearer family.

It means the eggs grow inside her womb before the female Fancy Guppy gives birth to her fully developed babies.

This information is crucial because it affects how fish reproduce.

When the circumstances are ideal, males will start mating by pursuing the female around the aquarium.

The insemination process is quick and straightforward to miss compared to the more extended mating ritual.

The male’s gonopodium, a modified abdominal fin resembling a tiny rod, will expand when he approaches the female Guppy.

To pass a sperm bundle, he tries to insert his gonopodium into the anal cavity of the female.

When the male works to effectively fertilize the female, you can witness this behavior repeated a few times.

The problem here is many novice aquarists may confuse the mating behavior and aggressiveness of this species. It’s best to observe!

Changes In The Gravid Spot’s Appearance

Only live-bearing females possess the distinctive morphological trait known as a gravid spot.

The womb’s discolored skin may be beyond the female’s anal fin. This skin area is almost black just before birth.

Since female guppies have semi-transparent abdomen skin, this region is frequently visible, whether they get pregnant or not.

The babies begin to grow in this gravid area where the eggs were successfully fertilized.

Larger Belly

Female fish will grow larger during their pregnancies like other pregnant animals.

Female Fancy Guppies are naturally chubby, but pregnancy-related weight gain is slightly different. Their belly starts to bulge.

In some cases, it could even resemble a box. Their belly may even seem slightly angular before giving birth.

Behavioral Changes

Pregnancy symptoms extend beyond the physical. Most pregnant female fish also start to act differently.

Pregnant females exhibit a high level of aggression, especially toward males.

That’s because the males still try to fertilize them even when the females get pregnant.

Additionally, they tend not to eat right before giving birth. If these creatures consume food, you could observe them spitting it out.

The pregnant Guppy will begin seeking areas to hide as well. She’ll disappear from view as she looks for a quiet place to give birth.

pregnant guppy swimming

Common signs

The Number Of Fry That Guppies Can Spawn

A pregnant Guppy may give birth to from 10 to 50 babies. Yet, several factors will determine how many Fancy Guppy offspring your fish will give birth to.

The exact offspring number will depend on elements such as genetics, the mother’s health, food availability, and luck.

Another essential element is age. Initially-time mothers who are younger fish have fewer offspring first. The fry is frequently weaker and smaller.

The female typically produces more offspring with each gestation when she grows older and continues reproducing.

In short, pregnancies in older, more experienced fish typically go more smoothly than in younger fish.

Preparations For Baby Guppies

You must take several actions in advance of the impending childbirth if you prefer to enhance survival rates.

Consider relocating the pregnant fish to a breeding tank if you can detect that she is pregnant.

Stress can be significantly reduced if the fish are isolated from the others. Also, it will increase the babies’ chances of surviving.

A sizable breeding tank is not necessary. In reality, a 10-gallon tank is enough. Besides, using a breeding container inside a bigger tank is an option.

Ensure the youngsters have a hiding place and a means to avoid being devoured no matter what you do. Even the mother fish will try to kill and consume her offspring.

Some breeder boxes feature sloped bottoms to prevent the fry from falling out after they are released from the egg.

You might also spend money on the breeding mesh. A fine-leaf plant is also effective.

When a healthy creature sinks to safety, it will begin to swim. To keep the others healthy, eliminate any stillborns.

You must ensure you prepare the right food available to feed those babies. If you want more tips to care for the fry, click on this video:

Be ready to spend the next 2 – 3 months raising the guppies independently.

After this period, they are sexually mature, so that you can introduce them to a community tank.


How Long Are Fancy Guppies Pregnant?

A guppy’s gestation period typically lasts between 21 and 30 days, but this period can vary greatly.

How Often Do Fancy Guppies Give Birth?

During her lifetime, a female may deliver offspring about 20 times.

Should I Isolate My Pregnant Guppy?

Yes! It’s a good idea to separate a pregnant Guppy from a community aquarium to avoid fighting and improve the survival rate of the fry.

How Do You Stop Guppies From Eating Their Babies?

The best solution is to separate these creatures into another tank when they are born.

Can Guppy Babies Get Stuck?

Yes! If a mother is too stressed, she may experience spontaneous abortion or miscarriage, which leads to the fry getting stuck in the womb.

baby guppies

Miscarriage and spontaneous abortion may happen.

Final Thoughts

In short, it’s not too challenging to detect a pregnant Fancy Guppy. You can notice one if you see the mating behavior, giant belly, and behavioral changes.

However, you can’t predict the number of fries because it’s up to several factors like genetics or the health and age of the mother.

Besides, it’s best to prepare for babies when you realize a pregnant Guppy to enhance their survival chances.

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