What Should You Know About Pregnant Gourami Fish? In Great Details

The gestation cycle for a pregnant gourami fish may last up to fourteen weeks. So that’s around a six-month time frame. So, how to detect this and take care of them, this article will provide fundamental information about it.

Pregnant Gourami Fish: How To Know?

Pregnant Gourami Fish

Common in freshwater aquariums is gouramis. A variety of gourami species exist, from very little to those that may grow to be enormous. Gouramis are colorful fish that require little maintenance. However, since they are egg layers, rather than carrying their young to term, they must rely on artificial reproduction methods. You can see how a gourami fish lays her eggs in this video.

Female gouramis can become pregnant, and under the right circumstances, they may be bred. You may conduct a few measures to determine whether a female gourami is pregnant.

Step 1

Male and female gouramis will act differently, so keep an eye on them. They may have mated or at least been in the process of doing so if they are moving together with their bodies interacting and the female is showing signs of being pregnant.

Step 2

Check the tummy of the female for signs of swelling. As the eggs develop, her tummy will enlarge in one particular area, just beneath her front end. Because of her pregnancy, she would seem to have ingested a stone. You may notice that the scales surrounding that location seem extended and lighter than usual.

Step 3

Look for a nest of bubbles. The eggs of gouramis are protected in bubble nests until they hatch. Then, the male builds the nest, which resembles a mat of bubbles on the water’s surface.

Duration Of The Gourami Breeding Process

Duration Of The Gourami Breeding Process

As previously said, gourami breeding is not difficult, although there are certain nuances. For example, if you gave them a lot of places to hide, like plants, and they didn’t have many hostile neighbors, you could even reproduce them in a fish tank with other fish. 

It is critical to eliminate any strong currents so the foam nest is not damaged. It is ideal for raising the water temperature to 77 and 81 degrees Fahrenheit (25 and 27 degrees Celsius). Increasing fish food consumption will provide extra spawning stimulus.

Gourami mating dances are fascinating to watch. During this time, the gourami couple colors up and alters their behavior. For example, the male attempts to attract a female by exposing his fins wide open. The male Gourami is essential in the reproduction of new fry. He makes a foam nest out of spit and air bubbles.

He then carries the female beneath the nest to fertilize and place the eggs. Any missing eggs will be gently placed within the nest by him. The female will then seek shelter in a secure location. Even better, move her to a new tank.

Your fry will stay two to three days in the nest after hatching. When they leave the nest, it is also best to move the father since he may begin to consume them. Because males consume nearly nothing throughout the spawning period, protecting the young is vital. You should feed fry more often with special fry or ciliate food. The breeding process might last many weeks.

Tips To Make A Proper Pond For Pregnant Gourami Fish?

Tips To Make A Proper Pond For Pregnant Gourami Fish?

You need very little vegetation in the pond to raise gourami fish since such plants put off a lot of oxygen. 

Planting floating plants like lilies and frogbits will assist with the oxygen levels by giving shade to your fish, allowing them to remain cool and comfortable while also ensuring they are nourished. This will also improve oxygen levels. To maintain the sanitary condition of the water, a filter is also required.


Here below are some common questions and answers about the pregnant gourami fish.

How Many Babies Does Gourami Have?

The couple will spawn again after the eggs are safe in the nest. The spawning sessions will last two to four hours and generate between 300 and 800 eggs. The gouramis have a fecundity of around 600 eggs.

Do Gourami Fish Lay Eggs?

Every species of gourami fish lays eggs and uses bubble nests to raise its young. Most species of Gourami create bubble nests that are connected to plants or other floating items in the aquarium.

For Optimal Breeding, What Sort Of Water Temperature Should Be Maintained?

Seventy degrees Fahrenheit is an ideal temperature for the water. The temperature of the aquarium’s water shouldn’t be changed too often, or your fish will stay pregnant for a longer time than planned. You may avoid this problem by installing a tiny aquarium heater in your pond and using it to maintain an appropriate water temperature.


Now you have underlying information about the pregnant gourami fish. It’s vital to remember that the more light there is in your pond, the less likely your gourami fish is to spawn. Predatory fish and animals like herons, otters, and raccoons must be avoided at all costs. This will aid in maintaining healthy breeding populations of Gourami fish.