While not as popular as fish, shrimp can still make a great addition to your home tanks. Not only are they hardy and easy to take care of, but shrimp are also beautiful with various colors on their skin. Thus, more and more aquarists have shown their interest in keeping shrimp at home.

But do you know what the smallest freshwater shrimp is? If not, make sure to read the article below and see what is in store for you!

How Big Do Freshwater Shrimps Get?

It all depends on the species and the living conditions that shrimp are kept in. On average, most freshwater shrimp should be around 1 to 1.6 inches in length. However, there are special kinds of shrimp that can extend up to 20 inches, essentially occupying a huge spot inside all home tanks.

That said, you do not have to worry much about your tank not being able to house these monsters. After all, most freshwater shrimp are relatively small and effortless to keep, not to mention how the smallest freshwater shrimp can reach 1 inch in length only.

A standard 50-gallon tank will suffice for at least 2 shrimp, which are enough for avid fans of aquatic animals.


What Is The Easiest Freshwater Shrimp To Keep?

Freshwater shrimp is a sight to behold in all aquariums due to their vibrant shades and lively personalities. Below are some of the most popular species for you to keep at home.

Whisker shrimp

Known for their low cost and high accessibility, whisker shrimp is the number one choice for beginners. Granted, they might not look as appealing as their more colorful counterparts, since these shrimps only have a grey, translucent skin, whisker shrimp still makes for a great addition to your aquarium.

There is one thing to be cautious of, and that is the shrimp’s aggressiveness. If placed inside the same space with other shrimp species, expect these individuals to engage in a fight.

Amano shrimp

If you want something that can live in harmony with the rest of the tank, Amano shrimp will not let you down. Native to Asian countries where freshwater bodies are prevalent, Amano shrimp earns its reputation due to the ability to control algae in freshwater aquariums.

Furthermore, Amano shrimp looks rather lovely with their translucent, dotted skin. As they are quite peaceful, feel free to host them with mystery snails, guppies, betta, and tetras.

Cherry shrimp

Are you in for a brightly red shrimp inside your tank? If yes, then cherry shrimp is for you! As the name already indicates, cherry shrimp are covered in velvety red, making them stand out in the crowd.

Moreover, cherry shrimp are tiny, which means you can have plenty of them in the same space. Coupled with their shy nature, you should keep cherry shrimp alongside equally peaceful animals to avoid conflicts.

Red nose shrimp

Red nose shrimp

Red nose shrimp earn their reputation due to their unique appearance. With its elongated nose and translucent body, red nose shrimp will capture the attention of curious onlookers for sure.

However, these animals are not as easy to find, providing that they can be rather expensive. But once you have managed to get some of these, rest assured that red-nose shrimp can live with pretty much all shrimp species.

Blue bolt shrimp

Another colorful shrimp that you might want to add to your home tank is the blue bolt shrimp. With its body covered entirely in all shades of blue, it is no wonder why blue bolt shrimp are a favorite among aquarists.

Besides their excellent appearance, blue bolt shrimp are also known for their calm temperament. Hence, if you want the shrimp to grow healthily, make sure to keep them away from aggressive fish and shrimp.

Bee shrimp

Relatively small, easy to take care of, and bold enough to swim around all the time are what you will find in a standard bee shrimp. They are among the most popular types of freshwater shrimp due to their appealing look and low maintenance.

While bee shrimp do require not much care from aquarists to thrive, it should be noted that these shrimp need friends to fully turn on their “Active” mode. Thus, you should keep bee shrimp with equally bold and lively aquatic animals such as neon tetras or crystal shrimp.

What’s A Tiny Shrimp Called?

A tiny shrimp is referred to as either the shrimplet or the fry. Shrimplets seem to be self-explanatory, given the inclusion of the term shrimp. So, you might be more confused as to why tiny shrimp is not known as fry.

This is because fry is used to describe all offspring of aquatic animals, especially fish. Hence, calling tiny shrimp fry creates a misunderstanding regarding whose fry you want to talk about, especially if you have a mixed tank.

Given the circumstance, you should stick to shrimplet.

Another name given to tiny shrimp is mini or baby shrimp, which mostly refers to its species rather than the size itself. Each pound of these crustaceans consists of more than 70 individuals, which almost doubles the number of medium and big shrimps.

However, due to their tiny size, these baby shrimps tend to be fed as food to the fish rather than kept alive. Or, if you want to add these baby shrimps to your aquarium, make sure to create enough space for everyone involved so that they do not feel stressed.


Now that you have learned about the smallest freshwater shrimp, make sure to check out the local aquarium store and see what is available! Once you have managed to build up your shrimp-filled aquarium, rest assured that you will be entertained all day long.

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