Can Snails And Shrimp Live Together? (3 Major Benefits)

Snails and shrimp are arguably among the most common invertebrates for a home tank. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are also hardy and easy to care for. That is not to mention how adding these animals can increase the liveliness of your aquarium.

That said, can snails and shrimp live together? In case you wish to put these two species in the same space, let’s have a look at the article below and see whether this approach is recommended.

Can Snails And Shrimp Live Together?


There is no definitive answer to this question since it will very much depend on what species of snails and shrimp you intend to mix.

While most snails are rather docile and shy away from feeding on smaller animals, there exist assassin snails that might pose a threat to other living invertebrates.

At the same time, you are likely to come across aggressive shrimp that target and chew on smaller snails as their supplementary diet. Even if the shrimp fail to eat the snails, they can still nag at the snails and pester them relentlessly.

But you might be relieved to hear that such instances are rather far and between. In most cases, snails and shrimp can live in harmony within the same tank.

While they can be belligerent if provoked, the majority of snails and shrimp enjoy being left on their own and will not bother the other.

Benefits Of Keeping Snails With Shrimp

Tank cycling

Before introducing new fish to the tank, you must refresh the water and keep the environment favorable. In this circumstance, snails will come in handy due to their ability to restore the bacterial ecosystem inside the tank.

Now, all you have to do is to put the snails in first before letting the shrimp and fish in. This way, the former is bound to be presented with fresh, risk-free water.

Food supply

Once dead, snails can act as a protein-rich source of food for not only shrimp but also other aquatic animals. Furthermore, when they are alive, snails excrete and simultaneously provide their tank mates with a solid source of good bacteria.

When putting snails and shrimp together, you are less likely to be worried about feeding the latter.

Lower risks of gas pockets

Sometimes, you will see gas bubbles showing up from inside the substrate. This is because bacteria has built up inside the crevices, which leads to gas pockets. If left untreated, these pockets may end up increasing the accumulation of toxins inside your aquarium.

However, when snails are introduced to your tank, they will waste no time digging through the substrate. This inevitably releases gas pockets and reduces the risks right away!

Snail And Shrimp Temperament

Snails are best known for their peaceful and quiet behaviors. Usually referred to as tank cleaners, most snails spend their entire time roaming through the surface, feeding on uneaten food, debris, dead plants, and algae.

At the same time, snails are rather worrisome when it comes to reproduction. As they can lay eggs quickly, snails prove themselves to be difficult to control. If ignored, snails can easily overpopulate the tank.

shrimp and snails

Shrimp are a bit more diverse when it comes to temperament. Some of them are easy-going and swim around the tank harmlessly. Others can be a bit more active in their pursuit of food and fun. Still, shrimp tend not to be a threat to other aquatic animals due to their small size and specialized diet.


Will shrimp eat snail poop?

Yes. Shrimp are also scavengers, meaning that they scout through the entire tank looking for food. During their journey, these animals will surely come across snail poop, which they wholeheartedly consume.

And rest assured that eating snail poop will not do any harm to the shrimp per se. On the contrary, since snail poop contains good bacteria, shrimp will have a much smoother digestive tract after consumption.

What do you feed snails and shrimp?

Snails and shrimp can feed on pellets and frozen food, as they can sink to the tank’s bottom. These two species are not too picky when it comes to eating, so feel free to shake up the diet and mix plenty of things if you like.

These include chopped and blanched veggies, dried leaves, brine shrimp eggs, and bloodworms.

In case you forget to feed your snails and shrimp, rest assured that these two animals can still survive using food waste already placed inside the tank. Shrimp also feed on snail poop, so they may last for a while before you proceed to feed them again.

Can I put shrimp in my community tank?

Yes. You can put shrimp in your community tank, as long as they are compatible with others. This is because some larger, more aggressive fish may end up mistaking the shrimp for food.

Hence, you may want to make sure the tank mates are all peaceful individuals.

What community fish can live with snails and shrimp?

Since snails and shrimp do not go around picking fights with others, you will need to find fish that are equally docile and easy-going. Some of the most reliable choices are kuhli loaches, pencilfish, guppies, rasboras, and corydoras.

You can also have a go with minnows and rainbowfish if you want a breath of fresh air for your tank. Also, tiny danios and clown killifish are potential choices.


Can snails and shrimp live together? Yes, they can! As long as you pick the right species, to begin with, chances are your snails and shrimp can be in harmony for a long time!