Is Stomatella Snail Good or Bad? The Correct Answer Is Here!

Stomatella Snail is also known as little Margarite and Pearl snail. It looks like a crossbreed of a snail and a slug.

It belongs to the group of sea snails that are small to medium in size and also belongs to the Trchoidea family.

Typically, many aquarium owners misunderstand Stomatellas snails as “Slugs.” But it is not. These beautiful little snails feature flat shells.

It is easy to buy this animal at the local fish store. But is Stomatella Snail good or bad? Scroll down now for the answer and related information!

Is Stomatella Snail Good or Bad For Your Fish Tank?

Stomatella Snail is good for aquariums, and it is considered a good member of any fish tank. This algae eater can control the growth of the algae on your reef.

Thanks to that, these tiny and beautiful snails will help against undesirable algae in an aquarium. Most importantly, they are one hundred percent reef safe.

So, Stomatella snails, no doubt, are the perfect addition to your aquarium.

Stomatella Snail

Stomatella Snail Tank Requirements

When setting up an aquarium, we recommend keeping some algae to make an ideal habitat for your Stomatella snails, which love to eat algae.

Also, it is wise to keep ample rocks,  live rocks,  rock caves, and corals. Thanks to that, your snails will have a couple of hiding places.

Proper Required Tank Size

Ideally, set aside a 90L (20 gallons) aquarium to house one to five snails. Avoid keeping more than five snails in a twenty-gallon aquarium.

If you want to increase the number of your Stomatella snails in your tank, adding five gallons to each snail is best.

Water Quality

Maintaining a lower nitrate aquatic environment is ideal for these tiny and helpful snails. Also, ensure the calcium & magnesium levels in the water are stable so they can live happily.

Most snails, including Stomatella snails, are susceptible to copper. Copper may even kill these snails.

So avoid using medications that contain copper in a Stomatella snail tank.

On the flip side, maintaining the water’s cleanliness is essential. You should also know that these snails can be sensitive to a change in salinity.

For Stomatella snails to acclimate to a new home, it is okay to apply a slow drip acclimation method which takes about two hours or more.

Water Temperature

Maintaining the water temperature from 50 to 75 degrees F is okay.

We recommend installing one aquarium heater inside the tank, allowing you to adjust your tank’s internal temperature easily.

PH Level

The pH of the water in your tank should be between 8 and 8.4.


These tiny snails belong to the family of nocturnal creatures which do not require high-light conditions.

But installing moderate, low lights in the tank where your snail lives is okay.

In the night environment, when they thrive, using a flashlight to track the movements of these animals is alright.

Water Gravity

The ideal salinity value for the water in your aquarium ranges from 1,023 to 1,025.

That salinity value equals 35 ppt, which you get by using 35 aquarium salt grams per water gallon.

Water Hardness

You should make sure your aquarium has a calcium level of 380 to 450 mg/l, compared to 420 mg/l for natural seawater.

Keeping the water with a stable calcium level will create a happy environment for Stomatella snails.

Moreover, it is wise to maintain the hardness of water ranging from 8 to 12 dKH.

Summary Table

Common name          Stomatella snail
Scientific name Stomatella sp
Native to Indo pacific region
Care Level Easy
Color Black, grey, green, brown, white, pink, red, and orange
Preferred salinity From 1.023 to 1.025 specific gravity (equal to 35 ppt)
Preferred temperature From 50 to 75 °F
Growth rate Moderate
Ideal tank mates Corals, peaceful fish kinds, and peaceful invertebrates
Temperament Between 50 and 75 degrees F
Ideal food Seaweeds and algae
Feeding frequency Twice times per day

Stomatella Snail in reef tank


What do Stomatella Snails Eat?

The primary food source of Stomatella snails is algae in tanks, helping to keep the unwanted algae levels under control.

How Long Do Stomatella Snails Live?

The lifespan of Stomatella snails is usually around two years. They can even survive for several months without food.

How Big Do Stomatella Snails Get?

These snails are typically 2.5 cm in length and can be found in various colors, such as white, green,  black,  red, pink, brown, and orange.

What Makes Stomatella Snails Special?

Stomatella snails can regrow their legs when they lose them, similar to what lizards do with their tails.

What Are Predators of Stomatella Snail?

Lagoon Triggerfish

Triggerfish – One of the predators of the Stomatella snails

These snails are peaceful and do not harm their mates. But if you want to keep Stomatella snails, avoid the following predators:

  • Triggerfish
  • Hogfish
  • Wrasses
  • Hawkfish
  • Hermit crabs
  • Pufferfish

What Consumes Stomatella Snail Eggs?

Eggs of Stomatella snails could be eaten by predators and filter feeders.

Yet, once they develop their fingernail-like shells, they would be out of trouble and more readily protect themselves.

How Do Stomatella Snails Reproduce?

Stomatella snails typically spawn during the day when they crawl to a high point in your aquarium. After that,  they release the egg and milt directly into the water, where fertilization occurs.

What Algae do Stomatella Snails eat?

Green cyanobacteria attached on the rock in reef aquarium tank

Cyano algae

It includes diatoms, macros, cyano, and film hair algae.

Can You Buy Stomatella Snails?

You can buy Stomatella snails in your local fish stores in most cases.

The Bottom Line

Stomatella Snail is the perfect addition to any aquarium as it will eat algae and keep your fish tank clean.

The requirements needed to keep Stomatella snails are not too complicated. Follow our instructions, and these tiny snails will live happily in your aquarium.

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