As one of the original 13 colonies, Connecticut holds a solid place in the origins of American history. The state is famous as the birthplace of Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe and as the site of the oldest newspaper in the country. 

Connecticut isn’t just set in colonial times, though. The Constitution State stays up-to-date with high-powered industries and legislation created to attract investors to the area. In fact, the state has relaxed marijuana laws, and it’s straightforward to obtain an MMJ card through companies like Veriheal.

But while its mix of history and modernism brings people to CT to visit, its scenery, including the foliage and hiking trails, keeps them there permanently. Even those who aren’t usually inclined to be physically active enjoy exploring these scenic vistas.

Whether you’re passing through or staying a while, here are five of the most gorgeous hikes you shouldn’t miss. But, before going for a hike, it is recommended to follow a walk planner like  for better experience.

1. Ragged Mountain Blue and Red Blazed Loop

Located in Berlin, CT, this 5.6-mile loop trail is perfect for moderate to advanced hikers. Give yourself about three hours to enjoy the scenery and hike the whole loop, but be sure to wear footwear appropriate for the rocky terrain.

What’s so amazing about this trail? Well, the Ragged Mountain Memorial Preserve leads to a Blue and Red Loop overlooking the Wassel Reservoir. It’s ideal for picnics and photo shoots. 

If you don’t want to stop there, though, you’ll find plenty of vernal pools, cliffs, and even a waterfall along your path. Since it’s, ahem, off the beaten path, this is your go-to trail to get away from it all.

2. Southford Falls Red Trail

Southbury, CT, hosts a magnificent trail that’s just right for a lowkey hike through the woods. Explore all 1.7 miles of this easy loop trail between April and October for the best views. 

Although the area can be muddy and rocky, it’s still good for kids, dogs, and those with less-than-stellar fitness levels. You’ll find everything necessary for a spectacular scenic view, including a river, lake, and waterfall.

3. Lake Wintergreen Trail

Hamden, CT, is the site of another easy 1.5-mile loop trail. If time is short, this half-hour hike lets you indulge in nature and still get back to your day.

Located in West Rock Ridge State Park, the trail crosses a ridge that gives you views from 400-700 feet. Grab a few panoramic photos and breathe in the fresh air by yourself, with your kids, or bring your dog (on a leash, of course).

4. Appalachian Trail

Only for those who are looking for a serious hike, the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut stretches from Salisbury to Jug End Road. It’s labeled one of the toughest hikes in the state, so you should only try this one if you’re ready for a challenge.

The trail includes 16.1 miles of a hard point-to-point hike. Seasoned hikers take anywhere from 9 to 10 hours to complete the trail, located in Mount Riga State Park. Note that there’s a strenuous elevation increase of over 4,000 feet as you go.

The length of the trail takes you into Massachusetts, where you’ll need to have a ride back to the starting point. However, since the Appalachian Trail extends hundreds of miles, there are camps and rest areas along the way.

Although it’s a challenging hike, the views make it worthwhile. Summits like Bear Mountain, Mount Bushnell, and Jug End, along with others, provide breathtaking, peaceful vistas.

5. Bear Mountain and Mount Frissell Trail

For another challenging hike, check out Bear Mountain and Mount Frissell, also in Mount Riga State Park, Salisbury. The 10.5-mile trail takes you out and back, so you don’t need to make pick-up arrangements. But it will take about seven hours to finish the whole thing.

Along the tail end of the trail, you’ll have an elevation increase of 3,300 feet, adding to the difficulty of the hike. Still, it’s quite popular with hikers and backpackers, and the majestic views of Bear Mountain and other spectacular vistas make it a memorable trail you’ll be glad you chose to visit.


Home to beautiful views all year round, Connecticut is especially famous for its spring-to-fall hiking trails. Check out these five easy, moderate, and challenging hikes on your next adventure day!

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