Types Of Cichlids That Can Live Together: Tankmates & Care Guide

Cichlids can provide a humorous and artistic element to your aquarium’s environment. They are among the gorgeous species in fish tanks.

These fish are members of the Cichlidae family of freshwater fish. They come in different varieties so that you may pick from a wide variety of types.

Nevertheless, not all of them can get on well with each other, and only certain varieties are suitable to keep in the same tank.

What are the types of Cichlids that can live together? Let’s dive into this article to get an exact answer and care guides for this fish.

Types Of Cichlids That Can Live Together

Not all these creatures in this family get along with one another in the aquarium. Some of them are aggressive, whereas others aren’t.

For instance, Central and African American Cichlids are aggressive fish, so it’s better not to raise them in the same aquarium.

In aquariums with aggressive Cichlids, it’s critical to have peaceful fish species.

If you plan to keep these creatures in your tank, below are their best tank mates to consider:

African Cichlids

Cichlids from Africa show social behavior. However, they may be violent and territorial, particularly during mating season.

These creatures frequently prey on the aquarium’s weaker species. Thus, it’s best to skip vulnerable fishes if you decide to keep this species.

Larger fish, such as Hap and Peacock, aren’t bothered by their violence. They can live together if you can control their temperament.

Dwarf Cichlid

Dwarfs are perhaps the best option since they may comfortably coexist because of their small size and lack of aggressiveness.

As tiny fish, they pose little threat to their fellows, other Cichlids, or other species.

Dwarf fish especially get along swimmingly with Angelfish from South America and Discus.

If you want to know more about this fish type, you can watch this video:



Angelfish are a favorite of novice and experienced hobbyists in the aquarium community.

This species is attractive and has a distinct aesthetic, making it an excellent choice for a shared tank.

If there’s enough room for these creatures to swim and their friends aren’t aggressive, they can react positively to them.

They aren’t violent and perform well in communities but may sometimes consume their little tankmates.

Angelfish can live peacefully with Discus fish and Dwarf.


Discus is one of the most attractive and colorful species you can keep in your aquarium.

They aren’t hostile against other fish and will avoid and flee threatening fish.

They are, nevertheless, occasionally hostile toward relatives of their genus, especially while attempting to spawn.

Dwarf and Angelfish coexist peacefully with Discus fish.


Popular Types Of Cichlids

This species comes in a wide range of types. If you want to keep them in your aquarium, it’s best to know popular varieties to determine your favorites.


Angelfish is the favorite cichlid among aquarium keepers.

Because of its popularity, the breeding procedure for this cichlid is very selective, so the outcomes are superb.

There are lovely Angelfish to choose from, each with unique colors and patterns.

Angelfish may have tankmates. However, they must not be too little since it will devour them.


Electric Blue

Unlike many other Cichlids, Electric Blue is relatively friendly and peaceful when living with others.

However, these creatures may still attack their tank mates if these friends are smaller than them.

They’re outstanding for their beautiful blue color, which blooms as they grow older.

They are omnivores and hardy, so they’re great for novices because they don’t take the intensive experience to maintain.


The convict fish are multicolored Central American Cichlids that get along poorly with other species.

As their name suggests, these creatures may be somewhat aggressive. Thus, it would be best to keep them alone in an aquarium.

Besides their rude temperament, Convicts are ideal for novices since they are simple to manage.


Oscars are among the most common cichlid species now available.

Because of their personalities and magnitude, the Oscars are viral. They’re enormous and have unique patterns.

Before purchasing an Oscar cichlid, make sure you learn deeply about it. There are a lot of misunderstandings regarding this fish.

Oscars need excellent water filtration, so if you want your tank to look nice, you’ll need to invest in a good filter.

They may uproot plants as well as move boulders and driftwood. Oscars are typically called tank interior designer fish.


Best Tank Mates For Cichlids

This species gets along well with the following tankmates:

Leopard Bush Fish

Due to their look and behavior, Leopard Bushfish is ideal for aquariums. They feature some lovely patches and splotches that are similar to the Leopard.

Because these fish and Cichlids have similar levels of aggressiveness, they make great aquarium companions.

Leopard bush fish

Giant Danio

The Giant Danio is a beautiful fish with vibrant, eye-catching colors.

Since Giant Danio is not choosy, it can cohabit with any cichlid species. However, it may require a group of at least six.

African Red-Eyed Tetra

African Red-Eyed Tetra is a good match for most Cichlids, which can grow considerably bigger than Cichlids.

These tetras need the exact water demands as Cichlids, making them great tank companions.

African red-eyed tetra

Tank Set-Up For Cichlids

If it’s your first time keeping this species, you can refer to their tank setup below:

  1. Water Parameters:
  1. Tank Size:
  • A 30-gallon aquarium for small group
  • A 50-gallon aquarium for large group
  1. Tank landscape:
  • Substrate: sand, gravel
  • Decoration: rocks and driftwood
  • Plants: Java fern, Anubias, Java moss, Vallisneria, pennyworts, hornworts
  1. Lighting:
  • Fluorescent tank bulbs

Tank setup

Cichlid Care Guide

The following care tips will help you have healthy pets and a beautiful aquarium:

  • It’s critical to place your aquarium on a firm surface.
  • There should be no leaks in the tank.
  • Make sure everything is clean before being released into the tank.
  • Maintain good water quality by changing the water regularly and filtering adequately.
  • Feed high-quality fish flakes to this species.
  • Algae wafers, insects, small feeder fish, bloodworms, and raw green vegetables are good additions to their diet.

The Bottom Line

Most aquarists adore Cichlids since they are one of the most unusual and gorgeous fish.

Before introducing these creatures to your aquarium, it’s best to learn about their temperament, as some may be aggressive to others.

This article has shown you the types of Cichlids that can live together.

Let’s consider and determine your favorites.

Thanks for reading!